...New earthquake hits Christchurch, NZ

…well, this one was smaller than the big one, but it hit at a much worse time of day and apparently was shallower. “Multiple fatalities” are expected has just been reported on the news: the footage is absolutely terrifying. :frowning:


News look awful. :frowning:

BBear, I posted a thread just a few minutes earlier…I’ll get the mods to close mine.

Bloody rotten thing to happen though. :frowning:

It certainly doesn’t look good. The iconic Anglican cathedral has obviously suffered badly. I was in Christchurch last week and thought that it didn’t look too bad, considering what had happened last year.

Here’s a link to the USGS map.

Here’s hoping all of our Kiwi dopers and loved ones are OK. :frowning:

Christcurch Cathedral has collapsed http://twitpic.com/42dzk8

Hoping to hear from our Kiwi contingent soon. So awful… no words.

Whole top of the cathedral is off, Cunctator.

I have some friends in the area, hope they are ok.


Let me know you’re okay, Lisa, please!!!


My dad is OK, but his apartment is wrecked.

He had heart surgery just after the first one, so its not been his best 6 months.

From the news it looks like a similar building next to his completely collapsed.


…cheers kambuckta.

TV3 is showing live unedited feeds. Lord, it looks horrible…

Dear mercy. I hope all our Kiwi inhabitants are alright. Seeing the Christchurch Cathedral in ruins saddens me greatly; it was a beautiful building with a lot of history.

And, it turns out that’s where my father in law is up to on his holiday there. I thought he was still on the North Island.

He’s probably ok - if a massive hotel collapsed or something it would be on the news, yeah? My husband is calling his sisters and they’ll call the 1300 number…

I’m just watching about it on the news. Poor buggers were really doing well, rebuilding and not letting the aftershocks get them too down.

Police have confirmed multiple deaths. Gas leaks, liquefaction etc.

Hope the Chch dopers are all ok.

…do you know what hotel he was staying in?

Oh shit Otara, your dad has been through the mill. :frowning:

Good wishes for all in your family.


Please keep in touch with us, if you can, and let me know if I/we can do anything!

We’re right here and we’re with you.


No Banquet Bear, I don’t - we have his intenerary but it’s at home and I’m at work. My husband is on it, though - he’s just e-mailed me that his sister is making phone calls. We’re in Sydney and his family is from Melbourne, where his sister is and where his father lives. I’m watching the news pretty carefully. There’s a 1300 number but it’s jammed. His sister is getting in touch with the travel agent. He’s in good health and he’s with a tour group, so I am pretty sure he’s ok. Right?

We have a good mate down there, too - not in Cch but in Dunedin. What we’re hoping is that he’s ok, too (which my father in law totally is, I’m sure I’m upset for nothing) and that he can go and get my FIL, since at best he’ll be stuck there a while.

This is a mess. :frowning:

Could we please do a roll call?

**Ritter **and **DavidNZ **were resident in Chch during and after the September quake. Anyone know of others?

sandra_NZ was possibly moving back there, but I can’t remember when that was taking place.

I can’t find anything about hotels specifically, Gleena. Fingers crossed.

Talking to a friend of mine on facebook chat who just moved there. They were supposed to go to Christchurch but they went to Dunedin instead so they are about ten hours away. Needless to say I’m feeling better now.

Gleena, he says everthing is ok in Dunedin, he didn’t feel anything and knew nothing about it