New Elizabeth Taylor Perfume Ad... Sunset Boulevard?

For those of you who have seen it…can you fathom what the hell it is that we are supposed to be getting from it? Elizabeth Taylor, looking fabulous yet frail, doddering on the arm of an unknown man, gazing raptly up at the screen at a scene from one of her early movies. What is the message here? I find this ad creepy and sad. Please, someone, help me see it in a different light.

Probably just a simple case of mistaken identity. If a bald dude in evening dress asks for your help getting rid of a dead monkey, my advice is decline, politely.

Don’t know how old you are Stoid but the ad may not be aimed at your age group.
She is looking at the film A Place in the Sun. It came out in 1951 and I think Miss Taylor was 19 or so. It was a big success and is often shown on TV.
She starred with Montgomery Clift, who was a real good friend of hers.
When I saw the ad it made me think of not only how beautiful she was but how much she loved her friend and must miss him. Which made me think of my younger years and my absent friends.So I thought the ad was sweet. Young people may think differently. So my guess is that they are trying to sell to older folks like me.

I saw that today and thought that it was a nice piece of micro-film-making, except that some suggestion of projected light should have been added as part of the post-production process – there didn’t seem to be any connection between the little 16mm projector and the screen.

A Place in the Sun is one of my favourite movies. (More for Shelley Winters doing what she did best than for Liz’s cardboard performance, though.)Shelly Winters’ is such a great sniveller that it almost seemed like the “American Tragedy” of the film wasn’t her murder, but that Mr. Clift’s character got caught for it, instead of living happily-ever-after in Hollywoodland.

It seems to me that it’s a good marketing strategy to put the image of Elizabeth Taylor in her prime up front when you’re trying to promote a product with her name on it. I’m sure that a good percentage of the population thinks of the horrorshow that The National Enquirer likes to portray first when they hear her name. The folks who made the advert did a pretty good job of making the old bird presentable, too.

Stella, I’m 45. Never saw that particular Liz movie. (She was actually in very few movies worth watching, come to think of it, especially considering the length, breadth and endurance of her fame. )

I think Liz Taylor is cool. I think she looks great now and she looked astonishingly beautiful then. But I think the way this ad plays out is creepy, very SB. It makes her seem pathetic, don’t you think? Living in the past, self-absorbed, just…sad. It sure doesn’t make me want to buy that perfume… I feel like it will smell of mothballs.

Sunset Blvd.?

[Taylor as Desmond]
“It’s the movies that have gotten small, I just keep getting bigger and bigger.”
[/Taylor as Desmond]