New Episode of Black Mirror to be Chose your own Adventure

Seems like there might be a new season of Black Mirror coming in December to Netflix. They are also going to try doing a Choose Your Own Adventure type of format for one episode. The article says that they have done so with a kids’ show like this called “Puss in Book” that I’ve never heard of.

I’ve enjoyed most of the Black Mirror episodes so it will be interesting to see how this works out.

While at the gym the other nite, I saw a talking head on some news/investment show mention this as Netflix trying to get ahead of the market. It was intro’d by her reading a Choose Your Own Adventure book… but anyone who’d actually read one of those would have been able to tell she wasn’t really Choosing Her Own Adventure: she was turning pages. Actually reading on of those books was an exercise in flipping all around the book after every page (… go to p9 for X, go to p157 for Y, go to p51 for Z). At least having it on streaming will remove that annoyance, which was the reason I never liked those books.

But… it’s Choose Your Own Black Mirror. I have to think it’ll just be a choice between various horrible, schaudenfreudy endings.

The show is The Adventures of Puss in Boots, a spinoff of the Shrek movies. Puss in Book is just the title of the interactive one.

They’ve also done it for Buddy Thunderstruck, and Stretch Armstrong. The Black Mirror one will be the first for an adult-aimed title.

I’ve played the Puss in Boots and the Buddy Thunderstruck, and the system is pretty simple - every so often in the story (about every 2-3 minutes, IIRC), you’re given a choice between two options. Timed - if the timer runs out, it’ll just go with wherever the cursor is. Whether the decision changes the story significantly or is just a brief diversion changes from decision-point to decision point. I don’t know if the Black Mirror version will retain the ‘characters discussing the choices’ aspect that PiB and BT had, since it’s not as comedic. Since you don’t need to go flipping through pages, it’s really more of a visual novel than a game book, but that’s honestly a fine distinction.

I’m glad to hear this. For a long time, I’ve thought that this is a viable medium for shows/movies, given the technology that we have access to, and I actually wondered why it wasn’t done already. I guess it remains to be seen whether it will grow and become accepted, or be written off as a novelty.

I’m excited about all the horrible things my choices will inevitably do. I love Black Mirror and loved those old books. Seems like a perfect match to me!

Well, the porn industry invented this technology, like they’ve done with a lot of things…online payments, streaming video, etc.

That Puss In Boots episode did not work on my Samsung TV smart-app version of Netflix(which actually still updates to the latest version).

I hope this works properly for everyone.

One time I got Indiana jones lost in a cave. I’m worried too.