New experience

Just shaved the pubes with scissors today for the first time. Feels funny down there now.

Good to know. Thanks!

Shaved with scissors? I didn’t know that could be done. Though I’m familiar with trimming by scissors.

Funny ha-ha or funny strange?

Must be really sharp scissors.

Now, if you had trimmed them into a whimsical pattern, then that would have been worth sharing.

This would be much more interesting if “the pubes” was the name of your cat.

Manscaping or bush trimming?

The first one.

Over the boys, or under? Over is fine. Under, not so much. If it’s under, then in a couple of days you’ll discover why the words “testicles” and “stubble” don’t belong in the same sentence.

Only over, didn’t have the guts to go any further south.

Been shaving for years, never had a problem with stubble or itching.

I’ve found re: stubble/itching that once you’ve shaved for a while you stop noticing the little things that would irritate someone just starting. My privates were inconsolable for days the first time I tried shaving.

It also helps to not shave against the grain, I’ve found. You don’t need it THAT close.

Different strokes for different folks :smiley:

Maybe I’m just not sensitive to it. For those contemplating trying it I’d suggest treating it like you were going to shave off a beard - use a trimmer to get things pretty shorn before you break out the razor. Take a nice hot shower and don’t spare the shampoo/soap. Use a new razor, pull the skin taught and rinse the razor clear constantly. I’ve never even nicked myself. I don’t use aftershave so I don’t know if there’s a nice equivalent to use but some Gold Bond powder is soothing and refreshing.

NB: A straight razor is pretty good for most shaving jobs but not for that.

Wait, you impart upon them a military rank??

Oh yes, definitely, all of the above. But no matter how long I soaked, how much lather I used, how brand new the razor was, or how often I rinsed it, against the grain gave me ingrown hairs and itchiness :frowning:

After the first try at shaving I said “Never again!” Tried again anyway, and again again, and now I’ve been comfortably shaven for years now. I’m sure I’ve just gotten desensitized/used to whatever drove me crazy the first time.

Also, the spot right behind the boys turns into the softest and smoothest darn thing you’ve ever felt if you shave it. And it makes girls go crazy to touch it.