new fast food ideas

Anyone have any great ideas for a fast food that’s not already out there? I have the patent for Sausage McFlurry already (it’s sweet, it’s salty, a complete breakfasat treat!). How about burger nuggets? Would that even be edible? Maybe if you had some really good sauces. Anyway, it’s Friday night so put your thinking caps on, we are all geniuses here, right?

I do beer floats at home in the summer, I don’t mean rootbeer. :smiley:

Geniuses of fast food! :slight_smile:

Umm. A McPancake? With syrup…blueberries, the works? And with it…milk. no, diet milk. They could serve it at McFarmland.

Iguana On A Stick

Breakfast in a cup…
Either hash browns or grits at the bottom, an egg and bacon or sausage with a piece of toast or a biscuit on top. Eaten with a spork thingie.

And if you wanna go really wild, pour some sausage gravy over the whole mess…mmmmmmm.

Drive up, get a cup and keep going! No waiting, no wrappers, no mess or dripping grease. I know I’d stop for a “Cup O’ Sunshine”.

Besides, the world needs more spork friendly food!

How about a beer slurpee? It would be cool to combine two great summer beverages; perhaps it would be the ultimate, eh?

Failing that, we have pizza pops, correct? Why not lasagna pops? I much prefer lasagna to pizza, but try eating lasagna while driving. You end up covered in sauce, looking like you just murdered someone. (Don’t ask how I know, just take my word for it, I have first hand knowledge)

–Believe it or not that idea is kinda/sorta being test marketed by Diageo PLC. It’s a machine that squirts a fruit smoothie laced with Smirnoff vodka.
Diago PLC owns the Smirnoff brand (surprise).
They’re also testing a “Margaritas on Tap” machine in Boston. The machine uses another Diago brand – Jose Cuervo.

Honest to god recipe, and it’d be easy enough to do in bulk: breakfast phyllo packets.

Squish some buttered phyllo squares into a muffin cup, dollop in some cheese to seal the bottom, crack in an egg, top w/ a little cream and bake. Top w/ bacon bits, chopped scallion, salsa or whatever.

It’d be great! Flaky, messy, artery-clogging and delicious.


As a sandwich-type thing or just fast food pancakes? (Just wondering because they have fast food pancakes already!)

How about opening a McDonald’s at a golf course. You could serve chocolate brownies with green frosting and top it with coconut colored with green food coloring and call them “McDivots!”

Hash browns that actually have HASH in them :wink:

— G. Raven

p.s. oh, and they should be brown and fast too

One word: McPossums.

Not too far off, eh?

In college, my dad wanted to open up a chain of drive-thru pickle restaurants. No, really. He looked into financing. Ohlemacher’s Pickle Palace, they’d call it, and they’d serve different varieties of pickles on sticks.

Sometimes I doubt my dad when he says he didn’t do drugs in college.


“This is really good!”
“Yeah, he put the old Pizza-In-A-Cup guy out of business.”

McSoylent Green?

Monkey-on-a-stick. It was a real popular item in Subic (Phillipenes). 10 for a buck.

As for Beer Slurpies, well, Jeremy’s Micro Batch, a company that speciallizes in small runs of bizarre icecream flavors, has already done a run of ‘Vanilla Cream Stout’, icecream made with real beer. The also did a run of ‘Cream of Corn’ icecream for last year’s April Fool’s Day. It sold out. Really.