new game (sort of)

I call these “Automotive Tom Swifties”:

“Sure, I’ll drive that small Chevy; I really don’t care,” he said cavalierly.

“The only thing I want in life is a small Ford economy car,” he said, focused.

“Hooray! I finally have saved enough money to buy a British sports car!” he said triumphantly.

“I’ll save you by driving you to safety in my Dodge,” he said intrepidly.

“If I double-park my Honda, it would clog up traffic and inconvenience the other townspeople,” he said, civic-mindedly.

“Let me open the door of my Mitsubishi for you,” he said galantly.

“I insist that is my Honda,” he said accentedly.

“I really enjoy my Dodge sedan,” he said spiritedly.

“We approve of this Buick,” said her majesty regally.

“People see me in my compact Dodge everywhere,” he said omnipresently.

“Hey, how much will that sporty Ford cost?” he probed.

Can anyone else add to the list?

“We should take the Subaru because it has all-wheel drive,” said the forrester.

“Want a lift in my Geo?” Said the tracker to the lost hikers.

“Blimey! Subaru left a lasting legacy in the outback, sport.” He said.

“We should really use a Ford for this part of the expedition” he said.

Ah, never mind.


“I shall not scrap my beloved old Plymouth!” she shouted valiantly.

You realize that the Accent is made by Hyundai, right?

If I drive in a to the moon in my G35, would I be going to infinity in an infiniti?

“Am I on the road to Eldorado?” Asked the man Deville-ishly.

“H1 is stable, H2 is is not” he hummed to himself.

“Pardon me ma`am, I didn’t know angels could fly so low” said the man in the rolls-royce. “No but silver tongued men do.” She replied in the voice of god.

Alright, thats enough corny long reaching jokes for me