My Silly Wife

She says to me,* “Hey, remember that cute little car on Craigslist a while ago? The one the guy said runs fine, but you called him and it was all messed up. Well, it’s back on Craigslist, listed “As Is”.”*

I was pretty proud of myself for resisting the first time around. But since then, I sold one car, gave away another and had a third one hauled off this morning (I didn’t own it, I just sold it for someone).

And I caved. I’ll drag it home tomorrow. :mad:

Eh, I think I only paid 1/3 of what its worth. And I think I’ll get it running, and sell it for a lot more. Or keep it forever, which is more likely. :rolleyes:

But she shouldn’t have said a word. :dubious:

Well, what did you buy?

Guys and their cars. :wink:

One each for the Killer Doxies?

He said “car” not “Jeep”. The Killer Elite ride in Jeeps.

Who stipulated “ride”? :smiley:

You will be keeping it, because it is obviously going to be her car. Honestly, how do men miss these obvious facts? :wink:

'77 Fiat Spider. Very solid and lots of tasty parts.

You’ve been paying attention. Teddy says, “Hi!”. :wink:

She won’t touch it. I bought her a “new” car in March, anyway. She seems to enjoy it, but I like it less every time I drive it. A CVT and horrible visibility. It has more blind spots than Stevie Wonder.

Oh Man! That looks so much like Trixie, I nearly shit myself! (nearly/actually is relative. Don’t judge me)

I had to turn that off after it ended. The next video was something like “100 funniest Dox videos”, and I ain’t got that kind of bandwidth! Or time.

Well, actually I got nothin’ but time…

:rolleyes:Depending on who you believe, that may not be the best way to put that.:smack::smiley:

:smiley: and what kinda car guy starts a “just got a project” thread with no year/make/model or pix?:cool:
can’t wait to see the little bundle of joy. Congrats:)

The best part was Doxie surveying the damage then trotting off, happy tail a-waving, as if to say I got this beat. :cool: