Wish Me Luck, The Auction is 04/30

Bit of a fixer-upper, but even if I can’t get it to run it would make a nice pool table lamp.

I reckon I should be able to bag it for less than a grand, dump another 6 or 7 (I’m just kidding…I think) into it and have me a nice little buggy as long as I keep current on the oil changes, tune ups, engine rebuilds, electrical work and transmission adjustments.

Yeah. That was pretty funny for how low it was.

How’s the engine?

They come with engines? I though you just stuck your feet through the floor Flintstone-style. :slight_smile:

I don’t know much more about the car than you do at this point. I’m reasonably familiar with MG engine & transmission work so I’m not too afraid of that. But I’m no body man. That scab on the nose is scarier to me than chasing down the (understood) electrical gremlins and carbureator mites.

Why didn’t they show a pic of the engine? That scab on the nose is nothing, you can bondo that bad boy out in a weekend. And the indigo color is easy if not ridiculously easy to match. You’ll need a new vinyl roof covering, $400 out of hemmings. The interior has nonstock carpet, so if you are lucky you’ll not have much rot under there.

I’m curious why no pic of the engine. Unless it is truly a flintstone mobile :slight_smile:
And no way you’ll spend 7k on it. 2-3k max, and you’ll have a nice little sunday driver.
Also the rocker panel looks like it’s got a covering over it. maybe not, maybe just the ground covering it came with.

This place is a salvage yard, dealer consignments are uncommon there–the engine doesn’t usually matter as much as salvagable panels & interiors, etc.

I had a hot rod MG back in the late 70s. My ex wrecked it when he hit a van full of nuns. Man! I loved that little car!

Just went over and checked it out, it was the only one of several thousand vehicles on the lot with its hood (bonnet, I should say) open. Voluntarily. Engine looks like … it looks like it runs. Hopefully it doesn’t run like it looks!

Bad nwes is that I’m going to have to become a body man. There’s a lot of poor bondo work under the paint. But it is what it is: a deathtrap from accross the pond!


Didn’t get it. I got a better look at it while I was waiting for it to hit the block. Floor is rusted out pretty badly and the front end has been pushed over to the passenger side about 2 inches (I noticed the front bumper wasn’t centered). The fender/door gaps were uneven as well which added to my suspicions. I was wondering why that would be, and so I looked a littel harder–found a bent & torn frame member just behind the left front wheel. Either the car would be a real adventure to drive or it would be good only for parts–and most of the parts weren’t that gerat. Gave myself a limit of $500, someone picked it up for $850. It was a disappointment, but I’m glad it didn’t cost me anything.

I’m still looking.