New Harddrive question for computer types

I have installed a new IBM deskstar 75GXP hdd. It recognizes and i can format it and everything, but when i try to copy a large file or anything overa few megabytes from my old harddrive, the hdd makes a funny grinding sound and computer crashes with a blue screen and restarts by it self. it seems to work with smaller files ok, and i can read it fine too. i have it on it’s own power chain and it’s set as device 1 master. i ran the IBM Drive fitness test and there was nothing wrong with the mechanics ( yes i know it’s one of the drives that blow up)
what gives?

      • IBM 75Gb deskstar drives are junk. Search Google for “IBM Deskstar” if you don’t believe me. Take it back to wherever you got it and get a refund, or exchange it towards a Seagate or a Western Digital. - DougC

IBM drives are bad enough that IBM has stopped making hard drives. As for your hard drive problem, it’s a bad drive. THe copying problem is usually a bad drive or bad controller. If you can verify the controller is good, and it sounds like you can, then the drive is bad.


Not Western Digital either - I once had a “Caviar” drive which was more like “Cat food”. A vendor I’ve had good luck with is Maxtor.

I had two 75GXP’s hard drives that were 40gb each. One failed one didn’t I also have two 20 GB IBM Hard Drives I bought at the same time the day after I got a refurbished drive back from IBM to replace the failed 40 one of the 20’s failed. I’m sending that back any day now

It’s one of those things where your experience may vary, I have drives fail from both WD and Maxtor. Our newest computers have 60 Gig WD.


Since when? Not when I checked today.

We recently installed a 60G Diamondmax from Maxtor and so far it has performed flawlessly. Our old drive is an 8G Maxtor which has worked fine although it is just too damn slow. All I plan to use it for is as a backup drive in case something does go to hell with the new drive.

The reports on the Maxtor seem to be pretty positive as well.

Try one of them with a 8meg cache, these should be mighty fast.

From what I understand, Maxor and WD have now combined - they still sell under two seperate brand names, but Maxtor has acquired WD.

I have used several Maxtor drives with success. No experience with IBM, but as you are aware, this product line appears to have some issues.
The drive cache is possibly related to the issue you are having. I can’t determine why else it only fails when copying larger files. I wouldn’t rely on the drive fitness test much…