New HBO series "Lucky Louie"

that was really, really good. Very funny and the lower class setting should add some interesting elements.

Has possibilities. I like the live sitcom idea cast on the HBO field of play. I’ll keep tuned in and see where it goes. I just wish it was right after Deadwood (don’t care for entourage).

I wish HBO would do their own animated series as well. Something in the Family Guy, King of the Hill or Simpsons mode but with the additional freedoms cable brings into play.

Ugh. I thought it was a terrible, one-note peace of crap, with a little extra naughty language thrown in.

The line “What, are you high?” gets a thirty second laugh from this audience. I think that joke was played out long before anybody ever got high.

Uneven, but a few pretty good laughs. I think they pegged the trouble white folks have interacting with black people we don’t know because we’re terrified they’re going to think we’re racists. And in the first half of the show I thought it a welcome change that they were swearing in the sitcom where people would actually swear in real life (this always feels so artificial on network). But then by the time they had Laura Kightlinger molesting the steak, I decided they’re reveling in it too much. That should even out. I’ll continue to watch.


It has possibilities, but if they continue the one-note samba of peepees and winkies, it’s going to get old really fast.

Mostly, I don’t like the box-set, live-audience, cute kid, hot mom, dweeby dad sitcom formula. This is probably no exception, naughty language or not.

That said, I did like the opener, with the kid constantly asking “why?” and the father’s answers getting more and more complex, philisophical and bleak. And his buddy’s bit about “I’d hit my mother” made me laugh, too.

So I’ll check out the next episode, and see where it goes.


I watched the pilot a few days ago on I liked it enough. It could get old.

I like Louis CK and Laura Kightlinger enough to give it a chance.

I was going to say the same thing but not as well as you did. Rosanne was much better than this (with the exception of the horrific last season.)

…Wait… She’s supposed to be hot? She’s so completely average looking to me.

Yeah, from the promos, it seemed like the standard formula but with swearing. Looked terrible to me, didn’t watch it.

I didn’t watch either. I don’t like comedies with laugh tracks or live audiences. The set looked odd too, almost like a room arrangement in a Wal-Mart store. I couldn’t decide if it was supposed to look “lower class” or if it was some weird alternate reality.

I got the distinct impression that they were trying to riff on the vibe from the old Honeymooners shows. Live audience, intentionally crappy, live theater style sets, minimal wardrobe and such. Not sure if it’ll work, but I think the look and feel are exceedingly intentional and not just a lazy attempt at “poor”.

Ah, Honeymooners. That makes sense. There wasn’t even a bathroom in Ralph and Alice’s apartment, was there?

I grew up watching them, and it made my first apartment, after my marriage, seem plush by comparison. (Thank heaven I didn’t grow up watching Friends.)