I'm not finding Louie funny this season

Anyone else? I thought last season was HIlarious. Very smart and different. This season not as much.

Shocking doesn’t equal funny. Besides, Pryor has already done it… and better.

Since nobody answered, I’ll chip in: I’m still enjoying it, and the show has never seemed designed to deliver only flat-out comedy, but it does seem a bit more pronounced this season. The most recent episode was the second (of three so far this season) which involved Louie being tongue-tied and unable to communicate his thoughts—and while I think I get what he’s aiming at, I found myself getting frustrated and thinking “just SAY IT!” He reminded me of the Fred Armisen character on SNL who delivers his “take” on news events with a string of broken half-starts.

Thanks, VT. When I said “hilarious” I didn’t mean flat-out comedy, I meant in the off-beat way he is funny. It’s one of the things I loved about last season. I don’t really like standard fare sitcoms so this was a breath of fresh air.

I guess the turning point came during the end of the “now eat my pussy” episode. It would have worked better as a throw away line, imo. After a while it just seemed like they were saying it over and over just to be shocking.

Anyway, I’ll keep watching for now. Everyone has an off day.

The show is barely a comedy, but it’s not a drama either. Each week it’s just whatever story Louie CK wants to tell, and sometimes its very funny and sometimes it’s sweet, or sad, or scary or all of those things at once.

I’ve really enjoyed the first few episodes, especially the 2nd with Melissa Leo.

I’ve thought all three aired episodes of this season were among the weakest he’s done. The Miami episode had some cute moments (visually, it was a great pastiche of that “summer in Miami” style), but it was mostly slow and a bit flat.

It’s not enough to make me stop watching (the worst Louie is still as good as anything out there), but I do hope he hits some high notes again soon. Last season was inspired.

I think I have accepted the fact that the show is basically an anthology of short films that can be anywhere on the range of the dramatic to the comedic, even within the episode itself. So I would agree this season has been less funny but for me, that isn’t necessarily a problem.

It hasn’t been funny this season.

It is still worth watching though IMHO

I found the last couple of episodes of last season to be uncomfortable - even moreso than hin usual humor - and I didn’t enjoy them like the rest of the season. I have the first couple of episodes of this season on DVR, but haven’t been in the mood for them yet.