New season of Louie. (possible spoilers)

I’m somewhat disappointed so far. The first one was okay, but far from the best, the second one just wasn’t funny, at least not to me.

I liked both episodes. The show hasn’t been a straight up comedy in awhile so I am okay with not having many laughs.

I found the violence at the end of this weeks to be shocking. I think it would have been impossible to do if the sexes have been reversed. At the same time I think the joke of him readily agreeing to a second date, softened it a bit but still when it happened I was surprised.

It didn’t make sense to me that he agreed to a second date. The woman is unlikable and unstable.

The bits about his daughters telling jokes were cute though.

This is season three.

As to your point, I dont like this season so far, but it is still young.

I’m not too keen on Anger Management or Wilfred either.

The (ex)girlfriend in the first episode nearly caused me not to watch the second. I gave it a chance on the condition that if she was in it again, that would be it for me. Fortunately, she was not. The girl in the second was both better and worse, but definitely funnier.

His youngest daughter is always the best part of the show.

I thought the season was okay, not great, until Louie was raped at the end of the second episode. My mind is boggled that Louis CK thought to play a male rape for laughs. That was more than a little uncomfortable to watch.

Right, it’s season three. I didn’t say otherwise. The first two season’s were great, I’m hoping that this one improves.

I’m not familiar with those other two shows.

Well there was that episode in the dentist’s office. That qualifies as male rape, but somehow that was funny.

This was just disturbing. And him agreeing to another date just wasn’t believable. Although, now that I’ve thought about it, maybe he was just being agreeable out of fear and has no intention of seeing her again.

Since you didn’t use the word “episode”, I thought that the antecedent of “one” was “season”.

The fact that he agreed immediately to a second date was the joke. Of course it was not believable, it was supposed to be funny.

Ok, so Louie’s ex wife is black? That wouldn’t jump out at me so much except that his daughters both look not at all mixed race. It seems like a surrealist version of CK’s standup: something that racial oversensitivity makes you feel a little racist for pointing out and questioning, yet truly makes no sense.

He found a woman who doesn’t want to get married, who he had a good time with at a bar, and who went down on him on their first date.

Yes she was aggressive, but Louie seems like the type of guy who would ignore the aggression just to be with a woman who doesn’t want a long term relationship.

Louie explained that he made the decision because he really liked the actress.

The black ex adds a new dimension to the episode where he took his daughters to see his elderly relative (great aunt?). She ended up being casually racist and using words that upset his daughters.

And she raped him. Violently. She broke the car window with his head.

Continuity on the show is so loose, I wouldn’t be surprised if she showed up as a blonde the next time. That was his ex-wife for the purposes of that episode.

The violence was completely off-putting, and the first two episodes haven’t been so great. Strangely, I’m not feeling the love for Wilfred, either. I loved the first season of it, but something’s missing this season. Or maybe it’s just overplayed.

I’ll admit I laughed when Louie accepted the second date, but when she broke the window with his head, I had to rewind and watch it again. Completely out of left field.

For those of you who interpret the scene as rape, I disagree. One of the consistent themes in Louie is the difference between young people sex and old people sex. Young people sex is direct, vanilla, and pleasure seeking. Old people sex is about comfortably navigating complex sexual boundaries and the assuaging of psychological trauma, often through unconventional kinks. For example, witness both the depressing crying almost-sex he had with a fellow parent at his child’s school and the “whatever, let’s just do this and you don’t tell anyone” sex with Joan Rivers.

Laurie wasn’t committing rape, she was enacting a rape fantasy that she knew Louie would be amenable to, even though there was no explicit consent. In fact, she was so sure that she didn’t even bother to ask him afterwards, she just assumed there would be a second date.

The episode was about jokes and the entire Louie-Laurie vignette was about the telling of a single, extended, shaggy dog joke. The enthusiastic “yeah sure” at the end, combined with the smash cut was all about violating expectations and forcing you to consider what you previously saw in a new light.

My take on the “yeah, sure” line:

Louie is a comedian. Comedians are always thinking like comedians, even when they’re living real life. I’m not a comedian, but as someone that’s always trying to deliver a funny line, I can see being asked that totally inappropriate question for the situation and instinctively responding the same way as if that scene in my life were part of sitcom simply because it would be funny. Did he mean any part of it? Louie’s got issues including depression and issues with self esteem. I think he didn’t know, but it didn’t matter. It was a funny response and being funny, even in situations where he’s his only audience, is most important to him.

This reminds me of this bit Louis did. Was that intentional?

Good first episode, loved the second one. The kids, the scene in the truck. I was laughing big time.

Plus it had Allan “Night After Night” Havey! Remember Allan and Nick Bakay riffing on the old Comedy Channel. Great stuff. (Speaking of weird career arcs. Bakay went on to voice a bad puppet cat and write trash like Zookeeper and Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Downward spiral doesn’t begin …)

Louie and an Oscar winning actress getting it on. Who would have thought.

Louie did not really agree to a second date. He was willing to say whatever she wanted to hear to get out of that nightmare situation. The 1g, on the other hand, sounds like he’s going to have to pay that.

I am surprised he kept the motorcycle.