New Indiana Jones DVD, I'm not sure I like it

The Indiana Jones DVDs came out this week and I’ve spent some time watching them. I’m not sure I like the DVDs. The movies of course are great, but they didn’t seem to include anything really exciting on the DVDs. There’s no commentary, no deleted scenes, the only thing included really was the making of, most of which I have seen before.

I was really hoping for a lot of extras, especially over 4 disks. I know they have to have some deleted stuff, and a commentary would have been really nice. They have been working on then for a long time they should have done something.

I will say though that the 5.1 sound sounds really good. I’ve only had my new surround sound system for a month and these movies have been the best so far. Anyone else pick them up yet?

Well, they figured a commentary wasn’t needed with all the documentaries on the 4th disk. I know that a blooper reel and deleted scenes were considered, but egos got in the way.

Personally, I think they’re great. The movies look fantastic, and sound wonderful. Especially since Raiders was released in mono.

i got informed from my DVD/video purchasing assassin at Tower that they’ve cut parts of Temple of Doom-the bit with the guy dipped in lava in the cage. is this true? im holding off buying til i find out. i hate it when they cut films. spielberg should get off his arse and do some commentary too.

We’ve watched Raiders so far. I have to say it looks and sounds great, digital is really good for it. And it’s amazing how good it still looks. Aside from a couple obvious bluescreens, it probably could be released today.

So last night we watched Raiders again, and then suffered through Temple of Doom.

The lava dipping scene in Doom was exactly as I remembered it. Was there something specific that was supposed to have been edited out? I don’t see what, they still hand the heart-ripping-out thing in there.

The special effects in Doom seemed to be worse than the ones in Raiders. I think it was because they tried more, but there were a lot of places where the bluescreen was really obvious.

There was one bit in Raiders that puzzled me: When Indy drops the staff into the maproom, they cut to a shot of the staff falling. On the DVD it’s rather obviously a still shot of the maproom with a really poorly animated black line falling through it. I don’t remember that at all, and now I’m wondering if it always looked like that, and I just didn’t notice because VHS has such crappy resolution.

Oh, I’m talking about the US release. It might not be in the UK release after all. The IMDB message boards mention that the region 2 relase has had 66 seconds cut (mostly lava dipping and people whipping).

I can live without the commentaries and deleted scenes for the thrill of being 14 again. Even if it is just for 115 minutes.

I think that the movie looks great. I forgot how it was supposed to look, since on VHS or TV it tended to be rather dark. I would recommend that everybody adjust their TV using the THX (video) setup on the disc. It really makes the picture pop.

Spielberg doesn’t do commentaries on any of the DVDs for his films, so you’re never going to get him talking about the Raiders trilogy. As for commentary from other people, who knows?

My S.O. and I rented them last week and we were very satisfied with the look.

Lack of commentary is kind of disappointing, but I think the making of makes up for it.

We’re going to buy them when money is available.

The movies are great, I just thought it lacked some. It would have been nice even if Spielberg didn’t say anything to have others come in. Even just Marion and Salla would be interesting to hear from. I always like to listen to the commentaries if I like the movie, lets you see new things etc.

They do look and sound really good. I will probably watch Last Crusade tonight.

No commentary??? :eek: I could have sworn that the promos for the boxed set mentioned a directors’ commentary… :confused:

Not sure if I’ll get it, then – I really loves my director’s commentaries. I even passed up on The Lion King DVD because it didn’t have a commentary track…

On the other hand, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was a lot more fun that Simba anyway. :slight_smile:

Decisions, decisions…

I noticed this ( poor animation of the staff falling ) the last time I watched the movie, so it’s not just you.

Better travel back to Pride Rock-Lion King does have a commentary track.

Really? Then why wasn’t that listed on the oodles of extras and features in the DVD packaging? Or are you referring to the “Making of” documentary on the second disc?

Screw Timon and Puumba’s African safari, I want the commentary track!

Maybe you isn’t looking hard enough. I rented the disc, and I can tell you that one of the features is a full-length audio commentary with Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff, Don Hahn, and Tom Schumaker. There is no “Making of documentary” per se, but there are some brief viginettes of how the film was made (especially interesting-and catchy-is a song used to introduce Timon and Pumbaa before Hakuna Matata was written.) Not all features are great, but many are. I suggest you read the reviews you can find on the Internet and use your own judgement to consider which features ascend to the throne and which ones should have been left in the elephant graveyard.

My mistake. Schumaker isn’t on the track. I misread something.

Who cares about the extras? It’s the films that matter. We have been waiting so long for Indy on DVD, and we finally got three spectacular transfers. Not that I don’t like extras – I certainly enjoyed the Indy extras – I just don’t think they’re the main attraction.

rjung, apparently the Sleeping Beauty DVD also has a commentary track that wasn’t listed on the box cover, just like Lion King. I don’t know whay they’d miss out on listing one of the more popular kinds of extras there are.

I suggest you do what I do when I notice something I was hoping for appears not to be included, and look up DVD review sites where they’ll tell you everything that’s on there (including easter eggs sometimes) and if it’s the kind of stuff you would enjoy.

Is there any future plans to release these separately? I loved “Raiders” but hated “Doom” and was lukewarm about “Crusade”.

The picture quality is amazing. Raiders always seemed so murky on tv or video. I’m also glad they didn’t change the title in the movie itself (it’s just on the DVD cover).