New Internet Channel: Lisa Kudrow Stars In New On-Line Series

From today’s Hollywood Reporter:
"Lexus is making an ambitious foray into online entertainment with former “Friends” star Lisa Kudrow in the driver’s seat.

The carmaker is launching an Internet-only branded channel Tuesday stocked with a full slate of original programming headlined by Kudrow in a shortform comedy series in which she plays a nutty shrink.

The choice of the Emmy-winning Kudrow for the lead role in “Web Therapy” should bring attention to what Lexus is calling L Studio, available at"

It just came on-line today, and I watched the first episode - not the funniest thing I have ever seen, but hey - it’s free and it is a new series and maybe the other episodes are better (will check them out later today).

Will be interesting to see how things go with this concept.

Check it out and give your comments!

Probably won’t check it out. I thought Kudrow was the weakest link in “Friends”, and haven’t seen anything since to change my mind.

I’ll definitely check it out. Kudrow was brilliant in The Comeback (boy, what an underappreciated series!) and The Opposite of Sex. Thanks for the heads-up, DMark.

But will she sing “Smelly Cat”?

That’s utter madness. She was by far the strongest link.

Jennifer Aniston’s Nipples were the strongest points.

True, but they weren’t very bendy.

OK, I watched way too much…I know exactly what you’re talking about!

My lack of lust for Jennifer Aniston is a continual mystery.

Well, early Friends-era Aniston, anyway. She got better looking when she grew up.

I agree. The Comeback was the best character-who-makes you-uncomfortable-show that I’ve ever seen. It’s right up there with Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Office.

I wish this new thing was on regular TV – I hate watching TV on the computer.

The hell?

Latest version of Firefox, but okay, I’ll bite. Clicked the button, downloaded the installer, installed the latest version of the plugin. Relaunched the site.


ETA: Seems to work in Safari, though.

You may just need to clear the cache.