Scrubs is back! 12/01

I know the show has gone down some over the past two seasons, but I cant be the only one excited this show is back… can I??

1 hour, tonight, ABC after the presidents speech.

I meant to start this thread and forgot. I’m glad someone has a better memory than I do!

I’ll be recording it.

I thought last season was the last with Zach?

What changed? And who else will still be there???

It really is a spinoff that the network won’t allow them to change the title of. Bill Lawrence wanted to call it Scrubs: Med or something, but they made him keep the name.

JD, Turk, Cox, will be there for awhile, but Zach Braff is leaving soon.

Read about it here:

Scrubs is back, but who are these newbies?

Sorry, I said goodbye last year. I’ll be missing this one.

I’ll give it a try. I’m a die-hard *Scrubs *fan.

Yikes. The new girl combines the worse aspects of JD & Elliot at their most neurotic and with none of the funny.

Well, that was certainly… underwhelming. You’re not missing much, ivylass. I don’t see this lasting very long.

It was okay. Not terrible, but not great, either.

It was like they took a good show and mixed it with a crappy show: big laughs when Turk and JD were onscreen, big yawns when any of the new people came along. The “my father paid for this hospital” guy is really a one-note character, and in fact they already had a character like that for a single episode in season one. How can he possibly be a regular unless they tone down his douchiness considerably?

And I’m not sure if I dislike the “new JD” just because she’s not JD, or if it’s just that she’s miscast. 8 years ago I liked JD pretty much instantly, so probably the latter.

I think it’s because JD worked a lot harder to figure things out. He didn’t have a mentor guide him through his first year as an intern. He relied on the other first year interns.

Plus we didn’t know a lot about Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso back then so it made JD’s struggles a lot more compelling.

I guess I’m in the minority, but I like the girl, but I feel like JD is stealing her spotlight. The show still seems like it’s about JD teaching a new girl lessons, rather than a new girl learning all those lessons by herself.

They need to get rid of JD really fast and get the girl some friends at least.

And how horrible would it be to have JD finally act like a grown up? If they have to rely on him for all the jokes then the show is going to be screwed when he leaves.

Count me as an exception. I loved the new girl. I thought the stuff with new characters was funny, while the stuff with JD and Turk was painfully unfunny. Though I did love the cold open with the Elliot cameo.

Please tell me someone upthread didn’t actually complain about one of the new characters being “one note.” I mean, The Todd was even in one of the episodes, plain as day.

My main complaint was that the audio was fucked up, like it was muffled or something. Turning it louder didn’t do much to make the dialog any clearer.

OK, but is she as hot as Sarah Chalke?

I watched bits and pieces of it, just out of curiousity. I was underwhelmed. I really wish producers would know when to end on a high note and quit milking a dry cow.

I enjoyed it, made me laugh on more than a few spots. I thought Lucy (the new girl) was pretty good. It’s a premier so I dont expect depth from the get go, but I think they have lots to do with her.

I did miss Carla and Elliot tho! But the cameo was nice, and DAMN I forgot how hot Sarah Chalke is. One of the under rated beauties in Hollywood.

Did anyone notice when JD puts the xray up in the opening at the bottom right it had [med school]. thought that was a nice jab…

[slight hijack] I looked up Scrubs on IMDb, and these new episodes are listed simply as season 9, not as a separate show. However, there’s something called “Scrubs: Interns” that has its own page. 1 season, 12 episodes, with air dates that appear to coincide with the last half of the “real” Scrubs season 8. Anyone know what the deal is with this? Were these on the web or something? Seems I missed it. [/sh]

Eh. She’s not unattractive but I can’t imagine tuning in just to gaze upon her.

addressing this and various other comments:

  • the aussie is just stunningly attractive. i don’t know if she has enough substance past the tight bod and the accent. she is too good looking to be “actress” hot (distractingly hot).

-“Eagleeeee” was always uncomfortable to watch for me. Especially if you go back and watch the first few seasons and appreciate it when the bro-love between turk and JD was a lot more bro and a lot less love.

  • definitely agree the new chick has to make friends. if her only real connection is with JD and JD is slated to exit mid season, it’ll make the 1st season seem like a waste by the finale - the chick developing emotionally only halfway.

  • i don’t buy #1 (ripoff of House?) as a bonafide badass especially after he got up and trio-ed it with turk/jd. and his skull tat on his right tricep. he needs to be more coxian in his behavior.

  • douche kid would work a lot better if he wasn’t a midget. keith would make a more believeable sex addict.

  • kelso does nothing for me anymore, comically. his deadpanning, asshole, homophobic, country club demeanor was a lot funnier than the current horndog, hip with the kids demeanor.

  • instead of cox embracing the badass, wouldn’t it be more hurtful if he treated the badass as “new JD” complete with girls’ names, sabotage, emotional distance etc.? then wouldn’t that just incense JD/begin to phase his character away while retaining the old tried and true bits?

  • i always thought it’d be funny if cox tried to call denise really butch names or even guy names for an episode, to no avail. frustrating cox, and giving us a gag for the future.

Interns was a web show featuring several of the intern characters that were in season 8 (with guest spots from the show’s main characters). They are included on the season 8 DVD.

As to these two episodes; I liked 'em.

I did think that the interns from season 8 would be the focus, so got caught a bit off guard with just the one showing up, and it’s a bit weird having the old hospital vanish. One thing that I’m going to need time to get used to is the switch from a male lead to a female one.

I do get the vibe that the show isn’t going to last long. Doubt it’ll sink as quick as Hank, but wouldn’t be shocked to find it not being renewed.

Unimportant, but JD meets Lucy when a nude picture of her (very explictly nude, per JD) lands at her feet. She picks it up and says “It’s a naked picture of me”.

15 minutes later, she’s telling JD (and then, five minutes after that, a patient) that she’s never seen herself nude.


Obviously my willing suspension of disbelief is shot!