Scrubs 5/10. Or, no more Elliot?!?

Episode itself quite good, except in the vein of a number of others this season (bit of a downer).

It seems pretty clear they’re planning to mess with success, and the writers are bracing us for it. You don’t get Turk uttering a prophetic line like “different doesn’t mean bad” unless they’re about to take the entire show different. From tonight:

  1. Elliot looks to be leaving. Hope not, as part of the show’s appeal is Sarah Chalke’s being really hot.
  2. Carla and Turk are trying for a baby? Huh?
  3. JD has a new place of his own. For real this time.
  4. Jordan’s about to be much more in the mix with a full-time job.

The shark is circling and the speedboat’s idling. Dang.

I wouldn’t worry too much. Near as I can understand, Elliot will be at another place, not necessarily gone from the show. Maybe it’ll be like Francis on Malcolm in the Middle.

Jumping the Shark is one of those truly idiotic AICNisms that has infested our poor world.


  1. Fear not. Elliot may be brilliant, but she is so totally lacking in self-confidence she could talk her way into being fired from her new job in the first episode.

  2. I don’t think having a baby hurt Cox’s character. Besides, deciding to have a baby and actually having one don’t necessarily follow in sitcom world.

  3. JD just had a bathtub fall into his new living room. Can condmnation be far behind?

  4. This wouldn’t be a bad thing, IMHO.

The sharks may be sniffing around, but don’t panic.

But JD is afraid of sharks. :frowning:

The Bluth’s lawyer isn’t afraid of sharks.

I think it was in TV Guide that I read it - one of the creators said (and I’m putting this in a spoiler box even though NO names are mentioned) …

Someone may be leaving the hospital, but no one is leaving the show.

Not exact words, but you get the idea.

They sort of have to mix it up a bit. They’re letting time move on in real time in the show: just look at Dr Cox’s kid, who’s aged to toddler despite only being in a handful of episodes.

So keeping them all in the same hospital season after season seems a bit forced. I’m glad they’re letting things change.

Aww, I forgot to watch it. Anyone mind giving me a summary? Thanks in advance.


Don’t think a spoiler box is needed as I spilled the beans in the OP. But it’s still good to hear. She’s one of the most bizarre characters on the show, and that’s saying something.

Was anyone disturbed by Cox’s wife, smiling at her baby and saying, “I hate you?” Or saying something about wanting to be validated? Hello, bitch, but you’re the mother of a small child. You don’t have to work, IIRC, she’s quite wealthy. Taking care of your child is very important and I’m sorry you’re too selfish to realize that. She’s been portrayed in the past as a funny snarky sarcastic woman, but I was :eek: with last night’s show. That was over the top nasty.

I thought so too, but I shrugged it off because Dr. Cox says and does equally-horrible things to people all the time. They deserve each other.

Meh. I’m not a parent but I can easily identify with feeling smothered by having to take care of a child 24/7. My girlfriend and I both turned to each other and agreed that we’d probably be exactly the same!

I thought the line was funny, myself, but I have a bit of a thing for Christa Miller.

I have more than a thing for her, and I thought it was funny too.

I have two dogs that I love more than anything else in the world, but when I’m woken up at 5am by two pups who are desperate to get outside I’ve had the same thought.

I guess that makes me horrible. Ah well.


They should replace Sarah Chalke with Lecy Goranson.

That is witty and clever and I regret not thinking of it first.

I have no idea who Lecy Goranson, so can someone explain this to me?

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone beats me to this, but Lecy Goranson played the older daughter on “Roseanne” and was replaced for a couple of seasons by Sarah Chalke.

Lecy played the character Becky on the sitcom “Roseanne” until she left the show and then Sarah took over the role. Sarah played Becky for several seasons then left it and Lecy came back and resumed the role during Roseanne’s final season. There were jokes about the cast change on the show, such as “you look different”, “you’ve really changed”, etc.