New-ish "free speech" app, Parler

I never heard of it until yesterday, and now it’s all over my Facebook, and the culprits who are advertising it are quite predictable. In short, they allow certain posts, activities, and viewpoints that aren’t allowed on Facebook or Twitter, and I personally anticipate that it’s only a matter of time before it ends up on Tor.

The name is from the French “parler”, pronounced “par-lay” and it means “to speak.”

Twitter for racists, QANON, and similar. Folks who think that a private company having and enforcing rules of conduct has something to do with freedom of speech.

That Cruz picture is totally worth it!

It’s a right wing propaganda app at best. There’s already been issues with incitement to violence. The police chief of Marshall, Arkansas had to resign after posting on parler for people in town to assault any Democrats they come across and calling for the “death to all Marxist Democrats.”

ETA. The link is to a Washington Post article. I’m not sure how to correct it so that it shows properly.

ETA: i fixed your link, you had linked to a Google search for the article, rather than directly to the article — puzzlegal

Here you go, but it’s behind a paywall.

It seems to me the good chief should have his state peace officer’s license revoked. He clearly does not stand for anything resembling the even handed enforcement of law, nor good public order. He’s rather more evidently a criminal anarchist or at least a sympathizer thereto.

I know this is a hijack to this thread, but with that quote from the chief – what is it that he claims Democrats have done that would forfeit their right to live in the country? This rhetoric is bizarre.

Looking at his comments, he seems to think Donald Trump actually won the 2020 Presidential election, but Democrats stole it.

Ah. OK, just regular delusional, not Democrats-are-all-pedophiles delusional. Thanks! Sorry for the hijack.

Here it is without the paywall.


Right wing twitter has been “moving to Parler” for months now. Check any current tweet from Ted Cruz or Devin Nunes and you’ll see a dozen replies* of the type “didn’t you move to Parler?”

*this statement has not been fact check, the number may in fact be zero, although the average is certainly a positive number.

They tried their own free speech social media with Gab and that died down very quick once people started posting adult porn, child porn, doxing individuals and sending death threats.

There’s a chart circulating with the “old” and “new” social media. Okay, Parler is the new Twitter makes sense. But OANN and Newsmax being the new Fox News? WTELF? Fox News is too liberal for them? Yikes!

Oh, that’s been the case for little while. Trump has been saying negative things about fo while praising OAN.

Basically, Fox started seeing the writing on the wall and would stand up to some stuff Trump said. And that angered Trump.

Yeah, these free speech sites are always doomed to fail. Except 4chan; somehow that place seems to keep on chugging.

I don’t have a cite, but the schism was Fox reporting their own polls showing Trump behind this summer.

Fuhrerprinzip doesn’t leave a hell of a lot of wiggle room. Don’t worry - give it a year, and the newcomers to right wing media will also be called Marxists by the new wave of extremists.

It actually has rules against child porn and other illegal activity, and its content is automatically deleted so stuff that isn’t caught doesn’t stick around long enough for anyone to get in trouble.

It also had the foresight to make a big deal about this around the end of Gamergate, so that the worst of the worst fled the site to 8chan–i.e. the site run by the guy who currently is QAnon.