Twitter finally locks Trump out

There’s a further possibility he could be banned altogether. Welcome your newest nutjob, Parler!

(Autocorrect suggested Parolee as an alternative. I’m ok with this.)

Two weeks early. I think we know what’s going to happen to his account on January 20th.

I expect historians will save the archives of his Tweets in a database for future generations. (To snicker at? Quite likely.)

At least this two weeks will actually happen.

I assume he’s already started spewing nonsense on Parler? I’m not going over there to find out.

I double-dog dare you!

Aah, you’re old man is full of it!

We’ll he’s got to compile a library somehow. It sure as fuck ain’t gonna be books he’s written, read, or tripped over.

Ha, ha! /Nelson

Correction, Twitter is not locking him out for 12 hours, they are locking him out for 12 hours AFTER he removes his tweets about the election. Which he might not even want to do.

Twitter removed those tweets and locked him out

Well there’s one book he can include…

This is the message from Twitter, to me it clearly implies they are not removing the tweets themselves.

Does it mean they are demanding that he himself withdraw them from his account, as opposed to Twitter just blocking them from distribution?

I don’t have a Twitter account, but it is my understanding that they do require the poster to remove the offending content themselves. Perhaps they see it as an act of reconciliation or something.

Facebook, too.

I see it like shoving the dogs nose in it and saying “look what you did!”

On a side note, even through the offending tweets and posts are deleted, nothing on the internet ever truly disappears. Does anyone have a link to a screen shot of them? I’d like to know what sword finally slayed the dragon.

Hehehe, but the dog still doesn’t have to clean it up. I’m pretty sure I’d still be waiting for the treasures left by some long-departed friends to disappear if that was the policy.

I’m not allowing javascript to view the tweets, but this site supposedly archives the whole enchilada, deleted tweets and all:

Currently the President is in Twitter timeout, but he is free to launch a nuclear weapon.

We live in the dumbest timeline.

I’m not sure Trump knows how to send the order for a nuclear strike without access to Twitter.

Good point. He still has the capacity to launch nuclear weapons but can’t be trusted to use Twitter or Facebook.