New issue of "teemings" is up!

You can see the second issue of the revival of teemings here.

Some killer stuff in this issue – cool visuals (an illustrated poem by brujaja, freckafree’s jewelry); music clips; and lots of good writing, including another chapter of blinkie’s memoir.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

twickster, editor-in-chief, teemings

Thanks twicks, **Gary **and everyone else!

**Le Ministre **- I love your recordings; your vocal performance is beautiful.

Absolutely excellent issue. Well done, everyone!

That’s fantastic! Congratulations twickster, Gfactor and all contributors, and many thanks for all your hard work.

WordMan - Thanks; it was actually great fun to work those up in time for the deadline. Part of a longer term project that I’m working on…

And I knew nothing Cliff Gallup other than “Oh, yeah, Gene Vincent’s guitarist, I’ve sorta heard his work” until I read your article. Now I have some extremely pleasant investigation ahead of me.

Is it appropriate to use this thread to rebut opinions and presented in the magazine?

twickster should answer this, but I think the idea is to start a new thread on that topic and link to the teemings piece from there.

Yes, that is correct – if you want to take issue with (or discuss further – or even just say “cool article!” about) something from teemings, pls. start a new thread in the appropriate forum (probably but not automatically Cafe Society) and provide a link to the article in question.