new jeep pickup?

I came across this on the net:

but can’t find any info.

Photoshop or real concept car?

With some digging, I found some more info:

Obviously, there’s some 'shopping going on, but is there a real vehicle here whose image is being manipulated?

It’s a Commander. Here’s the shot he used.


carry on.

Ain’t no reason to be disappointed; you can buy a restored Jeep Honcho for half of the price of whatever a new Jeep pickup would sell for, and have the added benefit of driving a classic.

If I was going that route, I would have Chip Foose (or somebody similarly endowed with re-engineering genius) custom build me a classic Jeep J-30 Pickup…
Crew Cab, long bed with dual rear wheels, and a big V8 turbodiesel.

I figure, you would need the parts and pieces of at least two jeep vehicles: a Gladiator/J-20, and a four door Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer.

Also, graft the rear fenders from a Step-Side bed to cover the duals.

The diesel should be sourced from International Harvester, as AMC already had a business arrangement with them to supply gasoline engines for IH’s small trucks, i.e. Scouts and Travelalls.

Take that vintage 70s oil burner motor and twin turbocharge and intercool it, cuz naturally aspirated diesels suck.

There…a bad-ass, one-of-a-kind ride!

Wow, I never expected to see “Travelalls” on the SDMB. Bravo! Good show!