New Jersey... Anyone out there?

I am from New Jersey, even though I live about 5,000 miles from there right now. I was just curious if anyone else is as blessed as me to be from there… Lets here where you are from in jersey…
Boonton, NJ here…

Wrong forum, bub.

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BTW, I’m from Pennsylvania. A much nicer place than Jersey. :stuck_out_tongue:

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gently kicking self in forhead…

ooops… you are right, but well i am from jersey i have an excuse

Even though this is going to get moved, I’d just like to post that I lived in Readington Township, NJ (near Flemington) for 10 years. Beautiful country, not at all what people picture when they think of NJ.

For such a small state, NJ has a lot of different areas. The NY suburbs, the Phlly suburbs, the Pine Barrens, the Shore, Atlantic City, the Ivy Walls of Princeton, farm country, woods and stone walls (in the area I lived), mountains and ski hills, etc.

With Philly, NY, and the Shore within easy driving distance, there’s always something to do, yet you don’t have to deal with city life. I miss it a lot sometimes.

I lived in Rockaway (Morris County), NJ for about three years in the 70s.

Zev Steinhardt

True, but there’s no excuse for being from Jersey. :stuck_out_tongue:

IMHO, actually. It’s a poll.

I lived in Bergen County from age 6 until age 19. Elmwood Park to be exact, otherwise known as East Paterson. Just across the Passaic River from Paterson.

Spent a few years in Union County, just outside of Newark, and a few short months in Wayne (Passaic County I think).

Currently live across the country and though I was often heard complaining about NJ while living there, I am now sometimes caught being nostalgic and wanting to go back.

I was born and bred there, and I lived there for thirty years before I escaped its evil clutches.

By the way, ever notice that when you’re coming into NJ via bridge, you don’t have to pay a toll, but that when you leave, you do? :slight_smile: You gotta pay to leave!

But alas, like the Hotel California, you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.

Grew up in Long Valley, NJ, and went to school at Rutgers. 21 years was just about enough, so I moved to CT.

No way! I’m from Montville!

Damn Philadelphians!! :wink:

I was born and raised in Westwood (near Paramus), Bergen county, and live in Ringwood (near Oakland), Passaic county now. I like living in Jersey, I just wish it wasn’t so expensive. My boyfriend is from NM, and he said that people that haven’t been here have a differt idea of what it’s really like. No, it’s not all like Newark, especially where I live. I hear a lot of people think it’s all trailer parks. Well you’re wrong, it’s all DINERS :smiley: To be quite honest, I couldn’t even tell you where one TP is, if any.
And we don’t drink coffee, we drink cawfee :smiley: we walk our dawgs :smiley: and we go shopping at the mawl :smiley: …My boyfriend makes cracks at the way I tawk somethimes :smiley: ok,ok I’ll stop. There is nothing wrong with the way we talk, it’s everyone else :slight_smile:

Born and raised in Marlboro, NJ, in Monmouth County… currently residing in Plainfield, in Union County… spent two years in Ohio at school, but there was too much snow there… currently surveying my options!

Yeah, I get pretty sick of explaining that to people.

Although, the industrial wasteland that is much of Northern New Jersey is not without it’s own stark beauty…

Both Pepper Mill and I are from The Garden State.

I get tired of explaining that title to out-of-staters who pick up all their impressions of NJ from the Industrial Corridor that is Route 1 and the Jersey Turnpike.

I camped out within hiking distance of my home, and went all the way to Eagle Scout. I’ve written a lengthy article on 1 1727 event in my home town for (of course) New Jersey History magazine.

Not from New Jersey, but I’ve lived in Bergen County the past 20 years, which is longer than I’ve ever lived anywhere. I’ll never leave, being a huge theatre fan. The way I look at it, I really live in a suburb of New York City!

I’m a Jersey Girl as well. Born in Ohio but lived in Jersey since 1970 - living in Berkeley Heights right now (Union County).

Jersey is great! Mountains and shoreline in one state!

Excuse me. The real new Jersey is South Jersey. I live in Williamstown, New Jersey…in Monroe Township…in Gloucester County. A suburb of Philly, more or less.

You bogus New Jersey folks from da north need to settle down.

I grew up in Philadelphia, and I commute back daily. I love Pennsylvania, but always headed to the shore in New Jersey. I am wedged between Atlantic City and Philadelphia.

I love it because I am located about 45 minutes from the beach and about 45 minutes from Philly. I am surrounded by Peach Orchards, pepper farms and tomato farms.

I know Jersey is the butt of many jokes, but it is the North Jersey area, more New York burbs than anything else, that gives the rest of the state a bad rap.

For the record, I travel all over this great country, but I find the Northeast the best place to be. New Jersey is a great place to live, as are many areas throughout the Northast corridor.

Nor do I want to be associated with a part of the state where people use “da” insted of the word THE…

BTW In northern jersey we are told from a young age that “people from southern jersey are just different”

But its all good though, aslong as you dont wear a cowboy hat we are cool :slight_smile: