New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine in serious car crash


He was on his way to meet with Imus and the Rutger’s basketball team. Horrible story.

Horrible, indeed. Sounds like he’ll be okay, though, thank Og. Makes you think about the twitch upon the thread, you know? Not just “if Imus hadn’t said that,” or “if it hadn’t escalated like this,” but “If McGreevey hadn’t resigned…”

good grief! he is gonna have a long recovery.

No seat belt. What is wrong with people?

Man, what the hell is with our governors and leg-breaking? Whitman’s skiiing accident, McGreevey with his “walk on the beach”, and now this.

Dick Codey better hope the “Acting Governor” post continues to be unaffected.

God, I had totally forgotten about that. Has that story changed now that he’s out of the closet?

What was the story? I don’t have time to Google, thanks in advance.

He didn’t fall and break his leg on the beach? Did I miss some dirt?

I shared a grilled cheese sandwich with McGreevey once. :smiley: I think Corzine is in pretty bad shape.

Hal put it in quotes, which is why I inferred that there was some dirt – 'cause let’s face it, it has always seemed odd that someone could break their leg walking on the beach.

Strange thing, the State Trooper that was driving is the son of a coworker that retired a few years ago. I wonder if he is going to be in trouble for letting the Governor ride without his seatbelt in the front seat.

I heard Corzine’s chief aide fully expected the State Trooper to write the Governor a ticket for $46 for not wearing his seatbelt in a moving vehicle.

I also heard that troopers usually do not ticket offenders if they got hurt in an accident.

The next Elected Governor better be extra careful about his or her legs.

At least one article said he will resume duties in a week or two. Walking normally though will take a long time.


Heh…the quotes were more or less a joke. After McGreevey came out, there was quite a bit of speculation that he wasn’t walking on the beach in Cape May with his wife as was reported, but that he was actually off having a tryst with Golan Cipel when the damage occurred. The idea has been pretty much dismissed by now, though. Sorry for any confusion!

[grumble grumble grumble]Current governor banged up on his way to mediate between a shock jock and the championship-level team he’d insulted, and it turns out that the mysterious incident involving the former governor who resigned after a gay sex scandal may really have occurred when he was walking on the beach with his wife at the time? Come on, I expect way more entertainment out of the shenanigans of your politicians…[/grumble grumble grumble]

Conspiracy Theories abound, I guess.

Honestly, though, I’m willing to bet Corzine didn’t even know about the law requiring the passenger to wear a seatbelt. Just like he didn’t know the drinking age was 21 SINCE 1982!

Anywho, I still think it’s a plot by Dick Codey. The man becomes more and more popular every time he has to fill in for governor. It’s like Donny D when Whitman left. AWESOME governor!

The State of New Jersey…Where We Break Our Governors’ Legs!

Catchy Slogan

That’s the truth!

hey it’s jersey, not florida.

a week or 2?!! with 12 broken ribs? i don’t know. it will take about 4 weeks just to breathe without a hitch, and a groan.

And maybe have a picture of Tony Soprano on the bumper stickers next to the slogan…

Here’s todays NY Post front page.

The Post wins. That was way too funny.

I didn’t find it particularly funny. The man is still in critical condition and hasn’t regained consciousness yet. What a tacky excuse for a newspaper.