New Jersey (no, not a troll)

I told one of my co-workers that I went to New Jersey over the weekend.

His reply was, “What exit?”


david, how did you manage to go to New Jersey over the weekend? I was supposed to go there on Friday, and the reports all said that the whole state was flooded.

Well, at least Bergen county, which was where I was supposed to be going.

So, enlighten us! Which exit? :slight_smile:

The Cat In The Hat

OK, though I hate to admit it, I live in New Jersey, AKA “Joisey”. So let me explain…

There is a highway that runs the length of the state called the Garden State Parkway. (Believe it or not, New Jersey is known officially as The Garden State.) So sometimes when people from New Jersey meet each other, instead of identifying which town/city they’re from, they identify themselves by what exit off the GSP is nearest their home. This is a measure, among other things, of how far one lives from NYC, AKA Mecca to many (north) Jersey residents. I believe this “what exit?” thing may have begun as a joke (?) in someone’s stand-up routine, but it has wheedled its way into actual usage.

BTW, No one who lives here actually calls it “New Jersey”. It’s either just “Jersey”, or (as appropriate) “North Jersey” or “South Jersey”, which really should be two separate states.

I once went on a skiing vacation to Chamonix, France and ended up in a restaurant seated next to a table of women from North Jersey. Their conversation went something like this: “Are you frum Joisey? I’m from Joisey. Are YOU from Joisey? I’m from Joisey.” AAAARRGGGHHHH!
Factoid: In addition to being the Garden State and the home of the world’s best tomatoes (hey, it’s something!), I believe NJ is the most densely populated (overall)state in the USA.

There, more than you EVER wanted to know about this topic.

New Jersey: Nice people, but nobody knows where anything is. Everytime I asked someone directions, they weren’t “from around here.”

The Garden State Parkway? As a former Jerseyan, we always referred to where you’re from as your NJ Turnpike exit number. The Parkway was for people who were going down the shore.

Thanks, Gilligan. You’re absolutely right. (I’ve heard both.)

BTW, I’m #4 (NJT), but born at #17(NJT)/#151(GSP). You?

I grew up off Exit 168 (North Jersey, for those scoring at home). And yes, there was a ton of flooding in Bergen County. My mother didn’t have power through the weekend or phone service until Tuesday.

Other little tidbits: People from New Jersey refer to pizzas as “pies.” Not pizza pies, just pies. This makes ordering one for the first time when you move to a new region of the country pretty comical (“Hello, I’d like to order a large pie to go.” “Excuse me? I’m sorry, sir, we don’t sell pies, this is a pizza parlor.”).

Gilligan hit another one: we refer to the beach as “The Shore” (I don’t know people from other states who call it that). We also have more Diners per capita than I think anywhere else in the world.

Wireless, your France story sounds like an old Joe Piscipo routine. And, from the digs you get in in your post, it also sounds like you’re from South Jersey (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Trenton, a bit off the turnpike. Nearest exit was at Rt. 130, but I don’t remember the number. That’s Root 130, mind you, not Rowt 130.
Right about the pies - I got some strange looks here in Ohio when I first moved out here. Another thing I’ve never found outside of Jersey - pork roll.

wireless: “I believe NJ is the most densely populated (overall)state in the USA.”

I think Rhode Island is the most densely populated state, New Jersey is second, Massachusetts is third. After that, I never really cared to learn.


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Since this is a thread about New Jersey roads, I’m afraid this is now a toll thread. From now on, anyone wanting to go through this thread will have to pay a toll of $1.00.

Thank you - Lurkers can just turn around and go back to Delaware or something…

Yer pal,

never been there myself. some time ago i heard a great song about new jersey… have no idea who sang it or wrote it, but it went something like

"I’m from New Jersey
I don’t expect too much
if the world ended today
I would adjust

I’m from New Jersey
no I don’t talk that way
I watched too much TV
when I was young

Girls from New Jersey
have that great big hair
they’re found in shopping malls
I’ll take you there

I’m from New Jersey
my mom’s italian
I’ve read those mafia books
we don’t belong

I know which exit
and where I’m bound
tolls on the highway [?]
they will get you down…

I’m from New Jersey
I don’t expect too much
if the world ended today
I would adjust
I would adjust
I would adjust"

well, that’s a rough rendition. the guy who sang it had this great deep voice, very solemn and I just loved singing along with it. anyone ever heard it?

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We went to Paterson which was apparently high and dry. That was my first time and it wasn’t anything like the Jersey-phobes make it out to be.

I used to live off Exit #0, Garden State Parkway.

End of the World, NJ 08204

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The GSP is only for the eastern half of the state. If you live closer to the PA border than the shore you never hear anything about exit numbers. The GSP becomes just a road you want to avoid along with the Turnpike.
Hubby, who is from a linear state, claims that there are no stright roads in NJ.

Speaking of Jersey, South Jersey in particular…what is the deal with all of those traffic circles?? Who’s bright idea was that? They are the most confusing, dangerous interchanges ever.

Oh yes, traffic circles, forgot about those. And jughandles, where you have to drive three miiles up the road, then turn right, in order to turn around and head back to where you wanted to go on the left side of the road.

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You all ran through the toll booth! Can’t you read?!? PAY YOUR TOLLS!

I sent my dollar to Palidors.


Oh, I thought you said TROLLS.