New Joker picture revealed

Check out this page from’s celebrity magazine. Scroll down a bit to see an official photo of the Joker from an upcoming movie.

Damn! Now that is a Joker for the modern era!!! That guy could seriously give me nightmares.

ICP concert? Hell, he could blend in on the set of the latest Mad Max movie!

I agree with some that he’s too “juggalo”. I’d lose the grill.

But generally, I think it looks like a good Joker.

Is that a grille? To me, it look more like a partial set of false teeth.

Trying too hard. The real Joker wouldn’t look like it was that much work.

This is a pretty decent Joker I think.

I think it’s worlds better than the (IMHO wildly overrated) Heath Ledger joker, and closer to the Nicholson/Animated Series joker.

His look is only half the battle, we’ll have to see him acting to get the real deal

Son of Joker, maybe. While there are elements I like, he’s too far removed from the classic image, especially in terms of missing the red smiley makeup. If they took the mouth/smile tattoo on his arm and had that tattoo superimposed over his real lips and cheeks, it would go a long way to making me like it better.

Jared Leto in a nutshell. He’s all Method, no talent.


Movie Exec 1: Hey bros, I’m working on the design for the new Joker. What’s hip and “with it” these days but also, like, scary?
Movie Exec 2: Well, my 13-year old son who spends all his time at the Hot Topic at the mall plastered his wall with ICP posters and photos of tough-looking guys covered in tattoos.
Movie Exec 3: What? Is your son from the mid-90s?
Movie Exec 1: No, no, that sounds great. But I’m worried that generic tattoos won’t get the message across that this guy is, like, a clown, but also mentally damaged.
Movie Exec 2: Clowns are funny, right? What if you made his tattoos literally say “HAHAHAHAHAHA”? I think that would convey his clownishness.
Movie Exec 3: Oh, like that one panel from “The Killing Joke”?
Movie Exec 1: What the hell is the Killing Joke?
Movie Exec 2: Ignore him, he reads comic books and shit.
Movie Exec 3: …aren’t you making a comic book movie?
Movie Exec 2: Shut up, Frank. We’re making SERIOUS ART, here. Our Joker’s a comment on the human condition. We need to make sure the audience understands how serious we are.
Movie Exec 1: Well, nothing says serious like “HAHAHAHAHA,” if you ask me. But I’m still afraid that might be too subtle for the audience.
Movie Exec 2: I got it. What if we ALSO put a big ol’ smile on his other arm. Like, it’s a smile because he’s a clown!
Movie Exec 1: I like it. What about the mentally damaged part?
Movie Exec 2: Hmm. That’s a toughie.
Movie Exec 3: Jared Leto’s a pretty good actor. I bet if you wrote him some good lines, he could convincingly sell the idea that the Joker has a few screws loose.
Movie Exec 1: That’s just crazy talk.
Movie Exec 2: Leto’s not going to be saying lines on the poster, you idiot.
Movie Exec 3: [shuts up, walks outside, kills himself]
Movie Exec 2: I’VE GOT IT. What if, and hear me out, he has a tattoo on his forehead.
Movie Exec 1: I like where this is gonig.
Movie Exec 2: Yeah! On his forehead. And it says… [gestures broadly] “DAMAGED.”
Movie Exec 1: That’s brilliant! People will really get the symbolism of the word “damaged” literally appearing on his brain. That’s so deep!
Movie Exec 2: My god, we’re geniuses.
Movie Exec 1: Let’s go get hammered.

The only issue I have with it is how… unclever those tattoos are. I feel like the Joker would brand himself with stuff that was more ironic or esoteric. Not, “I’m the Joker so I’m gonna tattoo a joker on myself right next to my really loud laugh.”

Conceptually, I like the direction, though.

Now that you mention it, a gripe I have with the Heath Ledger joker is that he really didn’t act like the Joker well enough. The Joker should be manic, happy-go-lucky, just plain doesn’t give a crap what you think of him.

I like it. Part of the fun of comic movies is seeing different interpretations of what’s essentially the same story over and over again. And we’ve had a bunch of Jokers over the past few years, so I think its smart that they seem to be trying to try a new thing with it.

Put me in the “don’t care for it” camp. And yes, the forehead tattoo is the worst part of it. I liked Ledger’s Joker. He didn’t need to literally tattoo “damaged” on his head for you to know he was completely mental.

I agree. I will never be ready for Hipster Joker.


Getting all those tattoos would take a lot of time, and I don’t see the Joker putting that much effort into something that isn’t, at the very least, going to maim a significant number of people.

While I appreciated Tanbarkie’s scenario (very funny; take a bow :D), the world will never need another Joker than this one.

What it reminds me of more than anything is this gentleman’s notoriously bad taste in body art.

There’s a lot of different kinds of douchebags in the world. The Joker is the kind of doucebag who’d poison a reservoir. Making him the sort of douchebag who gets a bunch of themed, self-referential tattoos really diminishes his other forms of douchebaggery.

Seeing as the Batman in this universe is older and possibly semi-retired, and the Suicide Squad is centered around super-convicts sent on a mission, I’m thinking this is the Joker after quite some time in jail. The rumor (even before this photo) has been that most of his scenes are from prison.

If that’s the case, he has nothing but time on his hands. And shitty jailhouse tatts on his torso.

There’s also the possibility that it’s all a hoax: