New kid on the block

Just thought I’d take the time to introduce myself.

Name:ChocolateJesus (or CJ for short)
Age: Old enough to know better but still too young to care
Location: Somewhere out there, still lost
Occupation: Uh…working at the moment
Marital Status:Married
Kids: One in the oven and one furry orange kitty cat named Silly Goose
Favorite color: Forest green
Favorite song: Annie’s Song–John Denver

Uh…anything else you wanna know? :slight_smile:


Welcome to the SDMB, CJ!

Bathrooms are on the left, don’t be a jerk, and send your credit card info to me and everything will be just fine :smiley: :wink:

Well, actually, I’ve lurked for awhile and finally gotten up the courage to register.

I promise to try and not be a jerk. Honest. Cuz I know being a jerk is NEVER a good thing.


Welcome to the SDMB.

Are you hollow or solid on the inside?

I’m a little of both, actually. And since I have a few darker-than-your-normal-fleshtone skinned ancestors in the genepool, I am a sort of creamy tan chocolate, rather than plain old white or dark. :slight_smile:


Mmmmmm… coffee-caramel flavoured Jesus…

Hey, welcome!

PS: You might like to get your kid out of the oven. They’re easy to overcook :wink:

Would it be sacriligious to bite the head off a chocolate Jesus?
Welcome aboard!

We’re all nice, once you get to know us.


[singing]I don’t care if it rains or freezes/As long as I’ve got my ChocolateJesus/Sittin’ on the dashboard of mah car…[/singing]

Although a chocolate Jesus on the dashboard would melt. So maybe that wasn’t such a good thing after all. And having just seen your sig, I can see I’m not being very original.

Welcome to the SDMB. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:


:: channeling Khadaji ::

Be well. Enjoy your…

…no, no stealing other people’s lines…

…mmmm, sacrilicious!

I like to gnaw the ears off first. Is that a red licorice crown o’ thorns? YUM!

Welcome to the SDMB, from another newbie. :cool:

heh we had a post similar to this not that long ago.


You fill up my senses like a choc-o-late Jesus!

Welcome, CJ!

I hope you find the intelligence and insanity displayed by many members of this board as delightful as I do.

Or you could get out now and save yourself the money you’ll spend on therapy to get over the addiction to this place. :smiley:

Great to have you on board the board, CJ. Cool! Someone else that likes “Annies Song”! :slight_smile:

Glad to have you join us, CJ! Personally, I think you should have raspberry jelly as your filling. And congratulations on the coming baby! (Dare we name it Baby Jesus? Or would that make him cry?)

Hi ChocolateJesus. Be welcome. Enjoy your stay.

Steal away! I don’t mind…

Welcome to the boards :slight_smile: