New kitten pictures are obligatory

My cat Jerry passed away a few months ago He was 16 and in poor heath.

We just got home from the Humane Society

Welcome home Ralphie

Cuteness overdose!
Someone show me a Chinese Crested! STAT!!!

Oh my goodness! Ralphie is gorgeous!!! Lucky you, and lucky Ralphie!

He really looks like a Ralphie!

Sorry about your other cat, but 16 is a good run for a housecat.

Ralphie has picked his favorite place to snooze

AAAWWWW!! What a cutie. Those gingers are hell on wheels as babies, though. Have fun. :smiley:

Those ears are amazing. So long and pointed.

The kitten pic is adorable.

The photos that follow are…interesting (?)

Are you pointing to the camera? And he is ignoring you already? He has the makings of a wonderful overlord. :slight_smile:


My Velcro likes to hang out in a similar area. He doesn’t fit in quite the same place though. :slight_smile:
Ralphie is supercute!

It looks like he’s already scratched your finger up

That is a work injury.

I like to cook…

My little guy, GreyZ, is over three months old now. image host

My dog wasn’t too happy with him sleeping in his crate: gif from url

Don’t worry Fisher, he’s got a favorite spot now. :slight_smile: img