Rest in peace sweet kitty

My sweet 12 yr old Ralph kitty that I posted about months ago, took a turn for the worse this week. He stopped eating and drinking and was vomiting a foamy substance. I took him to the Vet and we think his kidneys are failing. He had lost a lot of weight and felt like a skeleton when I pet him. Until this week he still seemed happy and loving and he was eating and doing at least ok. But he started to hide in the closet this week and would not even eat his favorite tuna fish.

We just had him put to sleep.

I cannot stop crying at work but I wont go home. I cannot imagine my house with out my sweet furball. I am going to miss him so much and you guys were so awesome when he was sick before. Just wanted to update and say thanks. You guys get it, when most people around me think I am nutzo for crying over my kitty’s death.

So sorry to hear about your dear kitty! It’s OK to cry. Take care.

My sincerest sympathies. It sounds like he was a well loved kitty.

I’m so sorry. We’re going through the same thing, My dog’s kidneys have failed, and it looks like we will have to say goodbye on Saturday. I’m a wreck.

We just lost our 16 year old kitty yesterday. I know how it feels, and I am sorry :frowning:

I’ve cried over many a pet, many a time. His memory will always be a part of you that you will never lose. But it takes time to gain that perspective.

RIP, Ralphie.

I’m sorry to hear this. We do get it, and I’m glad you could tell us about it. I’ll be praying for you in the days ahead.

I quit counting the number of cats I’ve put to sleep, and each one gets harder than the last. My deepest sympathy.

And some words from one of my favorite author/songwriters, Kinky Friedman.

I’m so sorry. Been a hard week for us cat lovers on the dope, hasn’t it? My thoughts and tears are with you.

I’m so sorry.

That’s when I knew my cat was gravely ill–when he hid in the closet. Poor sweet kitties.

Thank you all and my sincere condolences to each of you that has been through this heart ache. He one was my one and only Kitty that I got when I graduated college. He has been dragged to 4-5 different apartments and has slept in the bed with me for years. He followed me from room to room and it is so odd to think about not having to look down to make sure I was not about to step on his sweet lovable self. We have been inseperable for so long, but I do know he was not healthy in the end and I would much rather suffer the loss of my sweet Ralph than ask him to suffer just to stay with me.
Thanks so much for your kind words.

I am crying as I write this, bless you for loving Ralph and caring enough to let him go.

I’m so sorry. :frowning:

I’m so sorry, and I send you my condolences. It’s such a difficult thing to deal with.

I lost my 9-year-old little girl last summer, way too soon, over liver failure. Vet diagnosed the once or twice a week vomiting as hairballs and we were diligently giving her the meds. Apparently Ashley had zebras, not horses. I understand how you feel.

My condolences Mint. It sucks to lose a furry friend, but the time spent with them far outweighs the sorrow. And it does indeed sound like Ralph had a great life with you.

So sorry about your loss. Every time I come home and can’t immediately spot my 18-year-old cat I get nervous. She’s started not waking up when I come up the stairs, but she hasn’t started hiding yet…at least not for whole days. But she’s so thin (but still has a good appetite and tries to steal my food, too) compared to the husky girl she used to be.

I’m so sorry, Mint. :frowning:

Maaaaaaan, losing a pet hurts so much that even other people’s pets dying is heartbreaking. When I lost my first dumpling, Michele, at 14 years, I didn’t even make it in to work for 3 days. I also had friends come and stay with me.

Nothing sucked like that, until I lost the next cat, and the one after that. Never gets easier. He was with you during such an important part of your life, wasn’t he? Your coming-of-age companion.

I’ve heard that making the heartrending decision to let them go is the final act of love, and a way of thanking a beloved animal. Sucks balls though.


It was a brave act Mint Julep, for a noble friend. May your grief soon make way for lovely memories and thanks that such a great cat was a wonderful part of your life.

RIP Ralph.