New kitties need names

I have lot’o pictures, but none are great. They just move so fast!
Breakfast, He, He too and trouble.

They are a boy and a girl. The person I got them from told me they were identical twins, both girls. Not even. The boy has more white.
He may end up being Apollo Ono, he has a soul patch.

It’s taken a couple days, but they both come to snuggle and purr. The little girl is kind of shy. She’s afraid of the phone and bubbles. She has such a sweet face. I managed to get a little video of her, but my husband lost it trying to e-mail it. Oh well, there will be others.

The Cat in The Hat. (Zatanna, if you must)
Thing 1.
Thing 2.

When at last we are sure
They’ve been properly pilled,
Then a few paper forms
Must be properly filled
So that you and your heirs
May be properly billed.

  • terribly misquoted from Dr. Seuss
    “And that is a story that no one can beat,
    When I say that she found them on Mulberry Street.”

Tuxedo cats? The male is Fred Astaire and the female is Ellen Degeneres.

They’re feline overlords, so maybe diety names? (Isis or Athena for the girl; Zeus or Apollo for the boy…)

Astrophe and Aclysmic

Oreo and Hydrox
Domino and Checkers
Ebony and Ivory
Panda and Bear
Yin and Yang
Kruella and Deville
Junior and Mint
Trooper and Piggy
Trooper and Fuzz
Storm and Trooper
Stinky and Sweetie
Salt and Pepper
Micky and Minnie

I love doing names!

Apollo, maybe, but Ono, not the god. He’s a native son, and the boy kitten has a soul patch.

Hubby doesn’t like Apollo, though.

My first choices are Spot (boy) and Killer (girl) (Ironic, since she’s sweet and shy.)

Then hubby said Bonny and Clyde. I went to college with a weird Bonny and Clyde is a camel!

I had a harnass for some past kitten that never got used. I pulled it out today… Ha! These guys are so little, even poking new holes wouldn’t work, so I sewed one From elastic. I measured twice and cut once. It fits boy kitty perfectly. He’s not even aware he has it on. Well, except when I added the leash. He wasn’t pleased.

I’ll measure the girl tomorrow. I’d like for them to be able to experience the outdoors without being in danger.

Oh, and before anyone asks, Boy will have a vet appt soon. We will NOT have an incestious litter of kittens in this house!

I usually never answer name threads because I just suck at them. I’m only posting to say that they are BEAUTIFUL and that the pics are great…also to mention that Girl should have her appointment soon as well.

Me, I’d go with Domino and Patches…but it really doesn’t matter what you call them. They will pick their own names in time.

We’ll get her done at 6 months. It’s just safer for her. They will be strictly indoors.

Adorable kittehs! I like rosie’s suggestion of Fred and Ellen, but then I’m easily amused. :smiley: Or maybe names of some classic B&W film stars? I got nothin’…

Well, a variant would be Fred and Ginger (though I admit Ginger would be better for a marmalade cat).

Nick and Nora - They’re a classic couple in their dapper evening dress. Plus they’ll solve any crimes you may need solving. Or commit them.

Luke and Leia - famous siblings.


Gin and Tonic.

Shoes and Socks

Lucy and Milo. Scout and Boo. Elizabeth and Philip. Charles and Di. Barack and Michelle. Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum. Boris and Natasha. Charlotte and Wilbur. Anna and The King. Frazier and Lilith. Niles and Daphne. Daryl and the Other Brother Daryl. Anne and Gilbert. Sonny and Cher.

Spot and Phideaux (Fido)

Our present tuxedo cat is named Q’itih, because she’s obviously a Mouselim.

With the smudge on his lip, he looks more like Groucho than Fred Astaire. I tried to google black & white movie beards and the google failed to go old-time. It did come up with** Captain Jack Sparrow **and Silent Bob. So not a complete waste.

I’m not sure if she’s in a tuxedo, but** Marlene Dietrich**looks good in black & white. Musing further, femme fatales were a black & white staple. Which reminds me of Natasha Fatale, villian from Rocky & Bullwinkle. They could be Boris and Natasha. Now that I think about it Boris and Natasha are drawn as black and white. That would be very appropriate for black and white kitties. Although if you want to go for an actual femme fatale, Theda Bara is an obvious choice.

Thanks for sharing the pictures. They are all kinds of cute.

Cesare and Lucrezia ;).

That is classy, but I must go with the others who suggested Boris and Natasha.
“Yes, Dahlink, is fine names for Capitalist cats.”