New Kitty moved in.

It was really cold the other night. I was already asleep when Bat312 girlfriend came over. She woke me up and said there was a kitten outside that wanted to come in. I had noticed a cat darting under the pouch next door when I exited the garage recently, but never got a good look at it. It was scared of me or the noise the door makes. It was not scared of GF as she uses the gate. It meowed “may I please come in, it is really cold out here, and I am very hungry!” I got up to take a look, I was not about to let some raggedy alley cat into my home. The cat was a little, gray, long hair with a tail like a squire. It was obviously in distress, I decided it would only be human to offer a meal and a warm place to sleep for the night. I was worried what the cat that I live with would think, but hoped he would understand. GF and I spent the next hour in the pantry on the floor with New Kitty. We had dinner, a meal I am sure New Kitty had not had in some time. Then we played scratch the human and other kitty games.

Well, it ends up I think I will try to reform New Kitty from his derelict ways. With the weather the way it is GF says we may have saved his life. That may or may not be true, but it sure feels great to help and make a new friend.

Happy Holidays.

Come on all you cat people went to bed already?

About the first cat: I would recomend keeping new kitty away from it for a while. Keep it in your bed room or something like that. First cat will probably not like new kitty, so when they are together for the first few times, keep an eye on them. My family got a new cat two or three years ago, and the two cats *still *fight on occation.

Cat has some issues with New Kitty, but I am keeping my good eye on them.

Another reason to keep them separated, at least at first, is because you’ll want to have New Kitty checked over by the vets, dewormed, vaccinated, and all that good stuff that you don’t want to expose current Kitty to. Meantime, give current Kitty at least as much attention as you give New Kitty.

And give them some names, for pity’s sake! Calling them current Kitty and New Kitty is just frustrating.

Oh, yeah. You and the GF done good. Congratulations on the new owne^H^H^H^H^H friend in your life.

And give them some names, for pity’s sake! Calling them current Kitty and New Kitty is just frustrating.

Oh, yeah. You and the GF done good. Congratulations on the new owne^H^H^H^H^H friend in your life.

Names for animals!

I am not sure I have the right.

Cat is named after the animal in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and seems happy enough.

New Kitty has not expressed any opinion on names.

This story reminds me of Alley, a kitten that a college acquaintance of mine found in a (guess what?) alley next to the dorm kitchen, where he was working. They took Alley in and fed/cared for him in their room. What I remember being especially cute is lying across the bed while waiting for the friend/quasi-owner to return, and the kitten jumping up, walking between my arm and side, resting his head on my shoulder, and going to sleep. :slight_smile:

Eventually, due to dorm rules, they had to give Alley to a fraternity for a permanent home, but I’ll always remember that little fuzzball. Saving a life is kewl. :slight_smile:

Ah! I didn’t realize that “Cat” was the current kitty’s name. I have two cats named “Cat” also, except they are named in different languages. Koshka is Russian for “cat”, and Neko is Japanese for “cat”. It works well for all of us.

Don’t forget to post a link to pictures, though. New kitty additions demand pictures to be posted.

Where are the pictures? HUH? I came in here to see pictures of the new kitty and was disappointed to find there are none.

:::grumbles about people posting about kitties and not posting pictures:::

I do second the opinion to have the new kitten checked out by the vet. Make sure it’s healthy and such. Don’t want to expose Cat to anything nasty. Your knew kitten sounds very much like my Sabrina. She has that weird feather like tail of a squirrel.

Congrats on your new family member.

OK, looking for firewire etc.
Pictures soon. :smack:

This is how my dad acquired his kitty last year. It was just so cold and wet that night, and she was so pathetic and skinny he couldn’t say no. Now, Bianca rules the roost.