New Lord of the Rings trailer

This trailer premiered (amid much hype) during the season premiere of Angel last night (tangent: doesn’t it seem odd that they’re now “celebrating” the “premiere” of a trailer?) and there was lots of cool new footage.

Most of it seemed to take place in Moria, and we caught a brief glimpse of an enormous creature with very big, clublike arms fighting the Fellowship.

Was this a Balrog? I only caught a brief glimpse, so I’m not sure. But that’s not how I’d always pictured Balrogs, and also this thing didn’t have wings, which I’ve heard the one in this movie will have.

So what was it?

This movie’s going to be so freakin’ cool!

That was a cave troll. Very badass, but not the bijoux. I understand the Balrog is being kept largely under wraps as far as trailers are concerned. Good thing too. I don’t want my first sight of it to be on a small screen.

That trailer was very cool, and has me very encouraged. It LOOKS right, everything LOOKED right.

Now, I just hope for dialog and pacing and all to be on a par with the look!

lucie, in case you were wondering, the balrog was shown in the trailer at the Cannes Film Festival. Of course, that trailer was apparently about 35 minutes long, and showed most of the Moria scenes. I’ve been keeping up with everything on, which is real thorough, and posts spoilers in hidden text, if you want to visit, but are afraid of ruining anything.

Also, if you want to know the answer to the balrog question, e-mail me. (For those who don’t know, one of the biggest debates in Tolkien lore is whether or not balrogs have wings.)

Yes, the club-armed thing was a cave troll. Towards the end, there is a shot of possibly the ankle of the balrog. (that or a hunk or magma)

(incomplete) frame by frame analysis at the official site(, its pretty easy to find)
(better) FBF:

Still havent been able to view/download the offical trailer, but saw the small version on moviephone



This movie is so eagerly anticipated that any new images or video are celebrated with great fanfare. AOL/Time Warner/NewLine/WB wanted Angel people to see LOTR and LOTR people to see Angel (thogh there is definitely some overlap)

Aragorn: “You have my sword”
Legolas: “…and my bow”
Gimli: “…and my axe”

(Xen)Arwen: “If you want him, come and claim him”


Heh…I like that, though I do not necessarily mind that Arwen is not the “Ice Princess” she is in the book.

Whine I can’t play any of the trailers. I wanna see a trailer!


Get thee to a movie theater! The last two movies I’ve seen have had LOTR trailers (American Pie 2 and Bridget Jones’ Diary). Call the theater before you go and ask them which movies, and at which times, the trailer is going to be shown.

Here is another place that mirrors the fullscreen version:


the moviefone site has realplayer versions I think (if quicktime is your problem, pugluvr)

To quote my girlfriend

“I thought you were having seizures bouncing up and down and screaming”

Really…this trailer rocks the casbah. Everything is looking so damned good.
Hey Lucas! Get out there and watch a REAL movie man. Damned if this will not make him call Phantom Menace a turd.

Our blessed IT chieftain had pity on my whimpering and set up the trailer on his own high-tech computer (translation: he wanted to shut me up). He had been abstaining from seeing the trailer because he is a purist and didn’t want to spoil anything for himself. So we both watched it for the first time in his office, squealing and jumping, and then the office manager happened to walked in. [Play sinister music here.] Turns out he’s a Liv Tyler fan and he got an eyeful of her as Arwen, so it’s okay.

Man, that was beautiful. This’ll get me into a movie theatre!

There. I’ve spent two hours trying to get this bloody thing to work. The Quicktime versions keep crashing my computer for some stupid reason, but the realplayer versions work OK. This is going to be a great show.

To the movie that is.

You see we were watching the new trailer and at the point where one of the hobbits (merry or pippen I don’t remember) accidentally knocks the skull in the well my wife screams out


Now we just watched the animated ones so I know the the hobbit dude throws a rock down the well.

I’m very afraid to go to a theatre with my wife and watch this.

Feh. I’m not going to worry about little things like what went down the well when. From what I hear about the Moria footage at Cannes, it all works well and none of the purists had any problem with tightening up the timing on events. Anyone expecting a page-by-page duplication of the books is not going to get it. The movie wouldn’t work that way.

Munch - yeah, I’d heard that the Cannes footage had a shot of the Balrog, but that they wouldn’t be showing it in any of the theatrical or TV trailers. I should have been more specific.

Less than three months to go. I’d better put in my time-off request now. I want to catch the latest show on opening day (fewer young children - you know some people are going to bring kids too young on the theory that anything with elves and dwarves is a kid flick.)

I think she is more concerned with the motivation and charaterzation.

If he throws a rock down the well to see how deep it is he is curious.

If he knocks a skull in there he is clumsy.
It does put a different take on the bit. She dosen’t want the Hobbits to become the comic relief clowns.

My God, did you see the Argonnath? THAT was awesome!

I know absolutely nothing about Lord of the Rings (except that it involves a “Hobbit”, and I don’t even know what that is), which means I’m unfortunately one of the general “let’s dumb the movie down so that even THIS clueless guy will like it” public. Usually I’m the guy going “No! Spider-Man isn’t supposed to ACTUALLY shoot webs out of his wrists! He’s supposed to have created a device for doing it!” and being depressed at hearing them want to cut out fight scenes in the re-release of Drunken Master II because “Western audiences don’t want to watch fighting for 20 minutes” because of the “general public” that I’m a part of for this flick…

So I’m apologizing in advance if the movie ends up with Hobbits being comedy relief and that sort of thing which can ruin how the movie SHOULD be in an attempt to please clueless people like myself, because I know it bites when that happens to a movie based on a series you like.

With that said, I’m a fan of medieval/fantasy movies in general and I love what I’m seeing in the trailer. It just looks like a lot of thought and good old “love” went into everything…just a really nice quality to all the costumes and camera angles and everything. Personally, I hope they don’t even think about myself and other people who aren’t familiar with the characters/stories and just make the movie the way the fans want it, because I’d rather not grasp a few references that I can find out about later, than have the movie butcher everything.

  • Tsugumo

Thank you for that, Tsugumo. I hope you’ll let us know what you thought about the film from your uninformed perspective after you see it.

On second thought, no reason for you to be the non-Tolkienist guinea pig here. You still have plenty of time to read the 4 books (you gotta do “The Hobbit” before “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy).

You won’t regret it, I promise.

I’m running behind on reading (I’ve got a few books stockpiled that I’ll read “someday”), but about to have a ton of free time, which I plan to use to catch up. A friend just received the box set of the 5(?) books, and I’m thinking of checking them out in said free time. But I’m going to wait until after I see the movie because I want to be able to say “this was a good movie, not JUST for the funs of what it’s based on”. :slight_smile:

So whenever the “What did you think of the Lord of the Rings movie?” thread starts up, I’ll throw in my clueless two cents, heh…

  • Tsugumo

…I meant “not JUST for the fans of what it’s based on”, though I’m sure the funs will enjoy it too.

  • Tsugumo