Gah!! The Two Towers trailer!!

I just got back from seeing FOTR again and I thought I was going to be disappointed. I’d seen on TV that they were starting to advertise the trailer for The Two Towers (yes, I know it’s enormous ego-stroking to promote the trailer itself when the movie’s not coming out for another 9 months) and I was psyched to see it. Alas, my disappointment was almost crushing when they ran the same old block of trailers prior to FOTR.

Anyway, when FOTR ended, I was about to get up and leave the theatre when, instead of rolling the credits, those magical words appeared on the screen: “Coming Christmas 2002”.


I’m so pumped for this movie. I barely even remember the scenes they showed, I was so excited. I was literally bouncing in my seat. For someone who couldn’t force herself to plod through The Return of the King even to the point of Frodo getting to Mount Doom, this is unprecedented. I am so impressed with FOTR, and I can’t wait for TTT to come out. I want to watch the trailer a hundre more times. I’m giddy, I tell ya!

[sub]…takes a few breaths and tries not to hyperventilate…[/sub]

So…has anyone seen this yet besides me? :smiley:

Yeah. Gandalf the White kicks ass.

Ooh!! I let out a major EEP!! when they finally showed him. I’m talking to a friend of mine in #sd right now about this, and I just said “Gandalf the white was awesome”.

I can NOT wait for this movie.

[sub]…bounces around the room…[/sub]

I have tickets for a show in an hour and a half…

Smeghead, take notes for me!! I was so excited, I can’t remember 95% of what I saw!! I know I’ll remember some stuff if someone reminds me! <sniff>

[sub]…still bouncing around…[/sub]

This royally sucks! LOTR is no longer playing anywhere near me :mad:

Right…so the DVD comes out when?

Went to see LOTR for the third time just for the Two Towers trailer…I’m in such a happy happy joy joy place right now…Gandalf the White kicked major ass…the Ent eye!..the battle scenes…aaaah

I just saw it, too. spoilers

How’dja like them Helm’s Deep battle scenes? And Pippin clinging to what is obviously Treebeard’s face? “Curious brown eyes” indeed! And Eowyn looks as nordic and steely as she ought to. And that last part, that glimpse of Gollum crawling like a spider down the cliff to where Frodo and Sam lay . . . yeesh, it gave me the willies. And Grima Wormtongue looked awsome. Remember Brad Dourif as Pieter the Mentat in Dune? Looks like he’s playing the evil advisor once again.

Okay, counting down to Christmas 2002.

I’m pissed if the trailer includes footage of Gandalf the White. That’s a serious spoiler for the story, and I think the filmmakers should have held that back for moviegoers who haven’t read the books.

Glad to be of service.

The first DVD comes out August 6. It has a good amount of extra features. However, I’m not buying it because…

The second DVD comes out November 12 and is the extended version with additional footage (about 30 minutes worth) edited back into the movie along with about 6 hours of extras on 4 discs. There is a Collector’s Gift Set of the extended version coming out the same day with lots of cool goodies in it.

I can’t wait. :smiley:

I was expecting an ok trailer when I went to see it on Friday first showing. Only NO TRAILER!!! So a bunch of us bitched, apparantly New Line had yet to send them the new reel so they let us come back today and see the movie again with the new bits. (6th time for me, cool).

So the teaser trailer I was expecting was not there, instead this absolutely awesome “in the next episode” bit. I was blown away as I caught blimpses of everything I wanted to see. Gandalf, Ents, running, Eowyn (grrowow), battles, running, Gollum, the running. sigh.

It’s times like this that make me think waiting in line for a few months isn’t such a bad idea. sigh.

I assume that Jacksons strategy was to gamble on winning the Best picture Oscar and hope for a boost from that. Too big of a gamble in my mind. He should have had this ready when they announced the nominations because it did bounce back into the top 10 then. And it was still playing at a fair amount of theaters. We have 3 theater chains here. 2 no longer were playing it and the 3rd was only playing it at their big 18 plex.

Bummer, it should be on the web eventually. If not officially at least on some file share services.

Heeeeeellllllmmmmmm’ssss Deeeeeeep! Ooooh, yeah.

If anyone finds a real version of this trailer online somewhere, can you let me know? I’ve been scouring the download sites for it, and all I’ve found so far are a bunch of hoax files, where after spending an hour or so downloading, the file is a clip from a random movie. Assclowns.

My email’s in my profile, I’ll be forever indebted to anyone who can tell me where I can get a real copy. :slight_smile:

Sigh…still looking. File trading programs suck. I’m sure it’ll turn up on usenet before too long.

I was shocked that there was so much Gandalf in the trailer. I assumed that there’d be a quick shot of him and that was it. It was really interesting that Gandalf the White looks SOOOOO much like Saruman (straight white hair, same staff)

Eowyn looked great. They highly implied Arwen was going to die and Eowyn would be the new love interest. (I know, I know)

Helms Depp… GAHHH HAH! Sweet. FANBOY!

Seeing as how it only came out on Friday it might take a few more days. It’ll come. It has too.

You’re lucky if all you’ve gotten was a random movie clip.

I’ve ended up with stuff vile beyond words.

< shudder >


[sub]…tries not to hyperventilate…[/sub]

I found two, yes, count 'em, TWO!! versioins of The Two Towers trailer today. I’m beyond delirious.

Try here for the full 4 minute trailer (it’s a bootleg, and the film person had their shutter speed wrong, so there’s some flashing, but overall not terrible) or here for a high-quality 1.5 minute trailer from a distributor of the trilogy movies in Taiwan.


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