New low of lows achieved by witless dolts-bunny abuse

Just when I thought the ultimate depth of depravity had been reached, along comes another soulless piece of societal excrement to plunge further downward.

Let’s blow up a bunny. :eek: :mad: Thankfully, karma was on the side of the little one.

Incarceration is too good for this misbegotten zygote. Let the punishment fit the crime-a box of fireworks tied to his nether regions should guarantee he’ll not spread any of his flawed seed.

These guys are fucks, but they are certainly not a new low of lows. At least the bunny would have died quickly. The lowest of lows are shitsmears that torture people and animals.

  1. I notice that this story was carried by So close to WTF…

  2. I nominate for Favorite Quote of the Week:

One… Two… FIVE!

<slinks away in shame>

Let’s just hope this is the moment when he realized, “Oh my god, I really am a total shitnugget.”

Three sir!

Damn you anyway…now I’ve got Vernors in my keyboard.

Yes, but how is this Bush’s fault?

I will never understand the sickness of the mind that causes people to do shit like this. What I understand less is the reason they would compound there stupidity by videotaping or taking pictures of the act. Like showing it off is going to score them major “cool” points. :rolleyes:

What’s worse is that the two fucks that did this are lifeguards. It makes me kind of sick that people who are there to possibly save our asses have no regard for life.

Oh, wow, when other people hijack unrelated threads for idiotic political rockthrowing it

Oh, wow, when other people hijack unrelated threads for idiotic political rockthrowing it’s really obnoxious. But yours is just so clever, Muad’Dib, that I’m in no way convinced you’re an example of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome!

When I first saw this topic I spent entirely too many seconds wondering what a “dolts-bunny” was… :smack:

The “House Rabbit” Society???

Well, only if they’re out of 1000 Island.


God Damn Shit Eating Sons of Bitches :mad:
How the hell can anyone even try to justify doing that to a poor, fuzzy bunny?
Oh, I can’t take care of her any more so I’m just going to blow her up. Fucking Bastard. If he had any grains of decency in him, he would have contacted the HRS in the first place. They could have sent him in the right direction to find a foster family.
I just want to go home now and hug my bunnies. I don’t think my boss will let me though :frowning:

From the article:

Shades of John List.

He plans to study biology? What’s he gonna do, dissect animals with firecrackers?

I note the article claims the rabbit was strapped with an illegal M-1000 device containing “the power of 1/8 of a stick of dynamite.” I wonder if this is really true - in my experience such firecrackers are always tame (fraudulent) imitations of their deadly illegal counterparts.

If it worked, I don’t see how it was that mean. It’s legal to kill them by bow, rocks, firearm, slingshots, and airguns (at least in the normal areas of the country). Why not explosives? A quarter stick of dynamite ought to kill it quick. Though if I wanted rid of it, I’d kill it more conventionally if was to tame to live in the wild or use it for target practice.

The possiblity of large fish kill by playing with the explosives would be irresponsible however.

Misuse of explosives charges I could accept. But animal rights charges are fucking rediculous in this case. Unfortunately, as evident here in the thread, it seems that animal rights ‘fucktardness’ is all too rampant in this once normal country.

It was his pet and he nearly killed it instead of finding someone else to take care of it. Not to mention that he didn’t have a problem with blowing it up but didn’t want it to drown. Dead is dead, right?

It was a rabbit. Which has to be a “sucky” pet. It’s more like a goldfish with fur.

He probably didn’t like drowning. Though I believe that the long tradition of drowning is a perfectly fine method of euthanasia (sp?) for some animals (great for trapped skunks when you live close to a lake). Many folks have a strong feelings against it (like death by fire, it’s quite feared). And honestly, it would seem that death would be faster by a large explosion.

I think getting rid of the rodent like this is weird. But it doesn’t deserve animal cruelty charges. I don’t like the slippery slope and don’t believe that it was mean (weird yes, but not mean). I wouldn’t have kept it as a pet. But if someone asked me to get rid of a recently wild rabbit, I’d let it go or kill it quickly it had essentially became tame. When I still hunted rabbits for pleasure, I might have used it as live target practice if it was a runner (some rabbits stop and hide others run) . It would kind of be like pigeon shooting.

Not that facts are likely to alter your view, Machetero-but rabbits and hares are members of the Leporidae family-they’re not rodents. Differences in tooth structure,, separate them from order Rodentia.

Rabbits are not goldfish with fur. They are cute, funny little animals. My two cuddle with each other, clean each other and play together. They run around my living room like maniacs and only stop to nibble on my toes. They are litter box trained. They sometimes even purr like cats.

Some people have tarantulas as pets. While I personally think it’s disgusting to own a tarantula, I still wouldn’t want that person to just decide they didn’t want it anymore and then proceed to rip all it’s legs off. That creature has learned to trust humans. It’s dependant on humans for it’s food and housing. When you take on the responsibility of being a pet owner, you must accept that there may come a time when you will no longer be able to care for that pet. You must decide the best way to get rid of that pet. Either you find it another home or humanely put it to sleep. A rocket strapped to it’s back is not a guarantee that the animal will die. Humans and animals have survived fire and explosions before. A responsible pet owner will make sure their pet dies quickly and as painlessly as possible if there are no other options.