New "Machete" trailer

With a special Cinco de Mayo message to Arizona!. :smiley:

I LOVE the “Introducing Don Johnson”! Plus, Steven Segal? Instant classic.

Onion AV Club great interview with Danny Trejo. What a life that guy’s led.

Nuns! With GUNS!

Lindsay Lohan dressed as a nun with a gun!

Could this be the greatest film ever made?

Looks like some cast changes from the original trailer. The bald shooter guy who double crossed him looked deliciously evil, the guy who replaces him is rather nondescript.

Also funny to hear Robert Deniro trying to do a Texan accent (and switching back to New Yawk later in the clip.)

That looks grind-tacular! Road House-erific!!

Is this a trailer for the full-length version of Machete, or is it trailer-only like the last one?

I understand why it’s set in Austin (Robert Rodriguez’s home town), but I thought it was a little off to be showing Mexploitation at the hands of Texans like that – maybe I’m naive, but I thought Texas generally had a much better relationship with the Hispanic community (and Mexico) than, say Arizona. But maybe that’s changed recently with all the border violence.

IMDb lists it as if it’s a real movie…

I’m trying to remember where this quote is from, though I suspect it was in one of P. J. O’Roarke’s Rolling Stone articles, about the American Southwest:

“You stole half our country. What’s worse is that you stole the half with all the paved roads.”

Holy shit. Machete has de Niro in it?!

I didn’t even believe it was going to be an actual movie.

That is one bad-ass Mexican.
Oh, and it reunites Don Johnson and Cheech Marrin.

Forget The A-Team, Machete is going to be the greatest movie ever!

Or at least the Summer.

OK, maybe just the best movie in the week it comes out.

But for that week, it will be legendary.

Saw an interview with Robert Rodriguez where he said that he never intended to make Machete for real. Trouble was, he forgot to tell Danny Trejo that. So he’s been getting calls every week for the last 4 years: “Robbie. When are we going to make Machete, man? Machete. Machetemachetemachete.”

You don’t fuck with that Mexican.

[Craig Ferguson] That was awesome.[/Craig Ferguson] And Danny Trejo’s Vengeance looks awesome as well.

I don’t think we’ll ever get the real story on the movie’s genesis as there are other interviews out there with Robert Rodriguez where he says the seeds for Machete have been brewing in his head since El Mariachi.

It’s probably better that way.

I would kill a stripper to get the cash to see this movie.

(not really)

(but god DAMN I want to see this!)

That’s what you do for a Quentin Tarantino movie.

For a Robert Rodriguez movie, you pull a machine gun out of the false bottom of your guitar case and then mow down a couple of gangsters, to get the cash to see this movie.

Trejo’s character in Spy Kids was also named Machete. This guy is the ultimate bad ass, plus he was Enrique on King of the Hill.

I would punch a nun to see this movie!