New Mallard aircraft?

Way cool if this can happen, as the Mallard is one of my favorite aircraft:

Though the website isn’t even up:


I could see this being very useful for party transport to remote lake destinations set up as getaways or retreats. I remember hearing third-hand about small spots like that which were remote and pristine in AK back in the day.
(so I’m guess there’d be a Huge demand in Canada, given the sheer number of pristine lakes)

Website is up - some specs and pictures.


Sweet! I got my multi engine, sea rating in an old Mallard waay back in the day.

The new engines would certainly provide some extra performance and reliability, but a Mallard is still slow. I used to run down to the Bahamas for the weekend all the time in my MU-2P. It takes a while to do that at only 200mph!

A new Mallard would nice, but it’s more of a short route plane. For anyone who lives in lake country, or along the coast, this would be awesome.

At first I thought BFD they’re throwing turbines on a Mallard. Already been done. But they’re going into production building them from scratch? How could there possibly be a market for them? Wow. May they go forth and profit.

My thoughts exactly. There are two piston-engine Mallards on right now, for $1.5 million and $1.6 million. DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otters have asking prices of up to $3.2 million or more. I can’t see a brand-new, PT-6 powered, Mallard having an MSRP of less than $4 million.

So that cuts out almost all private owners. A lot of pilots want one, but few can afford one. A fair number of people have the means to buy one, but aren’t interested in airplanes. I imagine that there would be a market in Canada and Alaska as Count Bluche said, or perhaps in the Caribbean, for Part 135 type operators.

It’s a pity Lear, Ilyushin, Avro and Ryan never produced a joint-venture aircraft.


This is the sort of aircraft to which I’d love to retire. Just spend my days flying round the world.

You’re not allowed to call another poster a liar, however obliquely.

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Too oblique for me to see.

I read it as possibly being envious because of the Lear reference, but the other companies don’t have the connotations of wealth that Lear does. (And Ryan went out of business in 1969 and hadn’t built a civilian airplane since the '40s, though Teledyne acquired them and they existed until 1999.)

Or it was a sly way of saying that those companies did enter into joint ventures.

I don’t see anyone calling anyone a liar.


Read the initials of the aircraft companies mentioned, in order.

Ah. I see now.

Too subtle for me.

Too bad the Mallard doesn’t use canards.

But then you’d have to duck out of the way every time you walked up to the flightdeck…

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