New Mass Effect 2 DLC: Arrival


One of the achievements is about rescuing Dr. Something-or-other, who has been mentioned in the Cerberus daily news - she discovered that the Mass Relays may pre-date the Protheans, who everyone assumed built them and the Citadel. Also; Batarian space? The Reapers arriving there would be poetic justice for a Colonist Shepard.

BioWare have said that upcoming DLC will ‘bridge the gap’ between ME2 and 3. Given that ME 3, like 2, appears to begin in medias res, so to speak, it would be great if Arrival did deal with the actual…arrival. We haven’t seen a living Reaper since the epicness that was Sovereign.

Fifth Fleet out.

Too. Many. Games!

This one’s a must for me. For one, we finally see what Admiral “The Voice” Hackett looks like. He does not disappoint.

By the way, one of the achievements is called “Ultimate Sacrifice”, and involves ‘waves of enemies’. I don’t know if this shot is legit, but it fits with the theme and achievements of the DLC…

Is Arrival ME2’s answer to Virmire?

If any of my squad (but particularly Garrus - my main man, Tali, Grunt or Legion) must die so that new DLC characters might live - DLC types bite the dust everytime. But losing Arcturus? And “…need to make twice”?! Just to be safe, I’m taking my most expendable squadmates along with me for this ride. Sorry Mordin (old) and Thane (dying).

Difficult to see how squadmate deaths would be handled in a DLC, to be carried over. Presumably via the same Suicide Mission mechanic. Although here there would have to be some gain in their deaths - without the DLC, is there no gain but no death? Who knows.

Of course, this is rampant speculation until its release later this month.

Ignore the last post; I’ll let the good senator explain. Sorry for three posts in a row, new info keeps popping up and being debunked.

Is this one of the missions that you can take before the final one at the Collector’s Base, or do you do it after the last boss?

Lol. Gotta watch some deep space nine now.

That screen was definitely heart breaking.

If it’s anything like Lair of the Shadow Broker, the last DLC released, it’ll be either - although LotSB was intended to be played post-Suicide Mission, based on the dialogue you get. I don’t think BioWare would ‘lock out’ the content until post SM, would annoy too many new players I think.

Trailer’s out:

Reapers heading towards a mass relay?! Can’t be good. “You’re saying they could be at Earth in 2 days?” The Collector General appears, although he gets toasted in the Suicide Mission.

Picking it up tomorrow.

This DLC it out peoples!

I’m downloading it as we speak! Cannot wait.

Anyone have any info as to the length and quality yet? Any reviews?

Well, this is a bit disappointing. I’ve got a fem shep and a male shep set of saved games. fem shep is all good, but I consider my male shep my main character since I’ve played him from ME 1.

I wanted to try the DLC with him first, but something went all wrong with he saves. The only save left is RIGHT after the final mission. I haven’t taken the “next step” with Tali, haven’t done any of the later DLC (Kasumi, Overlord, Shadowbroker, Firewalker). Bleh, so much to do. I guess I’ll have to wait until I have time on the weekend :frowning:

Got it, played it, completed it.

In terms of both length and quality I’d put it alongside Overlord. The plus side is that it ties in directly with the main plot, whereas Overlord was more of a one-off. Although it does feel a tad shorter.

The good:

  • Hackett!
  • Without spoiling it, I can see how it’ll tie straight in with ME3, possibly even giving away how it starts.
  • Some brilliant fights. Getting the ‘Last Stand’ achievement in particular. Wave after wave, a YMIR mech showing up, Harbinger spouting off Reaperisms (“Your species will fall! Struggle if you wish…”) and enemies beginning to panic (“Shepard’s not going down! We can’t take much more of this!”)
  • It’s always good to see Reapers again, and being able to tell Harbinger where to go.
  • A real sense of urgency. You have a time limit to this one.

The bad:

  • A tad shorter than I’d like.
  • Only one interrupt - a renegade one. Overall if you like your Shep to be a whiter-than-white paragon you’re not gonna be best pleased.
  • A solo Shepard mission. Hackett says it’s because it’s a stealth mission, but it’s fairly obvious it’s because they didn’t want to record any additional squad dialogue. Plus, it’s really not the type of game for a forced stealth section.
  • Lack of moral choice. There’s one biggish one, that ultimately didn’t matter.

The ugly:

  • Hoorah! I’m a mass murderer! Again! (sorry Rachni queen). 300, 000 batarians dead. No doubt colonist Sheps won’t tear up too much about it, but my Earthborn Sole Survivor doesn’t have much of a beef with them. Plus, most of them were slaves.

My thoughts exactly.

Played through it tonight and, with my “whiter than white hat paragon”, I pulled the trigger on the renegade interrupt without thinking. “And funk you and your… uhh, killswitch… Kenson… what did that do again?”… I just destroyed an entire system!? Dumb question… has anyone played through this and not destroyed the system? Is it possible?

Want ME3, now please! (Very… VERY, cautiously optimistic after DA2.)

I agree with most of what has been said. I liked it overall, though fighting the same re-skinned mercs was annoying as the prison guards. Couldn’t they have used the batarian troops from the side mission where you’re trying to stop the missile launch? The elite guards could still be distinguished by their tech armor. Every time I lined one up in my sniper rifle scope, those two eye holes in the helmet reminded me of Bioware just being lazy. I know that sounds kind of nit-picky, but I just don’t see why they overlooked it.

I liked how the time limit pretty much forced your hand and you were helpless to prevent the big catastrophe. Things are going to get ugly in ME2.

Did anyone let the timer run out? It’s easiest to do the last time you see it and it’s closest to running out (obviously). I half expected to just get a “critical mission failure,” but you actually get a pretty neat little cutscene.

People on the Bioware forums are throwing tantrums about the absence of the Virmire survivor, but I don’t care about that in the least.

Technically speaking a VS appears for about half a second in the failure cutscene - slow it down and you can see Ash standing on Illium with TIM (?!) and some of the ME2 squad as a Reaper descends.

I was gearing up for that being the big moral choice, similar to the choice at the end of Overlord. Much to my surprise Shepard hit the start button while I was deliberating (although I probably would have, when the Reapers arrive those batarians are dead anyway). The only choice you get is whether to warn the batarians or call the Normandy. Even if you choose to warn them, Kenson cuts you off and the batarians report no survivors. It does come up in conversation with Hackett at the end though. If you don’t shoot Kenson she triggers the explosive anyway.

Has anyone gotten the “Stealthy” Achievement yet? I played though twice just shooting up everything in sight (as usual) before I noticed that there is an achievement for getting out of the prison without alerting the guards.

Yeah it’s really easy to get. You can kill the dogs but just walk past the guards and don’t go into the rooms they are in and you get it. It only takes about 10-15 mins if I remember correctly.