New Mass Effect: The Mako is back!

BioWare has released the first details of the next Mass Effect game, including a new look for the Mako and a focus on planetary exploration. The main character is a human, but not Shepard. Like the original trilogy you can pick between a male or female protagonist, they appear to wear N7 armour like Shepard.

Some have speculated that it’s a reboot, or set in a different universe. BioWare are tight-lipped on if the story is set during the original trilogy or after, but to my eye the Mako looks a bit more advanced than the ME1 version so I’m hoping it’s set a fair few years after the end of the Reaper story.

Ah, but *which *end? Blue, red or green?

The Mako sucked. Well, it didn’t have to, but the programmers did the laziest design on the planets and a lot of the areas were pointless. I actually preferred the planet-scanning of Mass Effect 2 of all the mechanics.

Yeah the Mako bits where probably some of my least favorite parts of ME1, and I didn’t really like the vehicle sections of ME2 either.

However, I’m assuming vehicles missions will get an overhaul as well, so I’m hoping they emphasize exploration that is worthwhile and filled with interesting areas. Traipsing over a featureless, dead planetoid should be kept to a minimal.

I doubt very much this is a reboot. My guess is this takes place centuries after one of the endings which will become canon. Probably the “Destroy all AI” ending.

I hated the “exploring random, procedurally generated featureless landscape with one pre-fab building and a crate on it” part of ME1. And having to climb stupid cliffs, trying to find the one path that was sticky enough to go up. But goddamn, I loved driving the Mako itself. That little turd of a tank handled like raw ass in the best possible way. And the whole gunning it through geth fire and doing a sick ramp jump into a wormhole to crash straight into the Presidium bit was AWESOME. I will not hear any different.
I liked it far more than the Hammerhead of ME2, which as many characters of ME3 quip would explode if something coughed its way. Mako combat was fun.

But that thing in the vid ? That’s no Mako. The wheels are all wrong ! They should be evenly spaced. That’s why it handles like a dead rhino ! :slight_smile:

The Mako parts of ME1 reminded me of a hig-graphics, low-effort version of the planetary exploring from Starflight. I always felt it came up short.

I HATED the Mako when it came to the boring-ass planet exploring (For all the reasons already stated)

But I liked the idea of having some parts of the storyline driven (heh) by needing to get into the Mako, go from point A to point B, and fight some people along the way. It brought something different and interesting to the game.

So I’m really torn on my Mako excitement