New Matter!

From MIT!

Science is so cool.

that fuckin rocks

Total tangent, but love the Robot Chicken quote.

How do they know that they’ve created a new type of matter and not just discovered an unknown pre-existing type?

Surely, you agree the distinction here doesn’t matter.
Yes, I did that on purpose.

Nice pun, but I actually do believe it’s an important distinction.

Well, if we’re going to be serious …

I would say that there is no such thing as “creating a new type of matter”, and that whenever a physicist says that, it’s really just a short-hand way of saying that they have discovered a previously unknown type of matter. Yes, it’s sloppy phrasing on their part, but you have to jazz things up a bit to get the press interested.

More on the vortices at Physicsweb:
Vortices seen in Fermi gas

[quote=Dr. Ketterle]
It may sound strange to call superfluidity at 50 nanokelvin high-temperature superfluidity…[/qoute]

You think?