New member and friend

I’d like for as many people to welcome a friend of mine, Blue_lightning_bolt0512. He’s a new member and should know a little more about the boards than I can tell him. I’ll let him introduce himself.

Hi and stuff. Enjoy your stay.

::hands Blue_Lightning_something-or-other some fun::

How 'bout if I call you Blue? :slight_smile:

I’m calling him “olt05”.

This place ought to get a charge out of him!

[sup]wucka… wucka… wucka…[/sup]

Welcome! I’m trying to get a handle on your handle, but a hug is the best thing I could come up with.

Have fun, and watch out for the pit! Lots of thunder and lightning in there.

----:)/ x o x o x

Welcome, Blue_lightning_bolt0512-

Hope you have a pleasant and informative stay!