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From what I’ve read here, the scope of topics is far & wide. My Que is pretty simple. Why are two of the highest rated T.V. shows [ NCIS & Hawaii 50 ] , constantly rely on suspects constitutional rights being blatentdly violated.Denial of cousel,beating while being questioned,Evidence being clearly placed.Actual vindictive murder being commited.I could keep offerring more examples.Why is Joe Avg. American rooting on for this alleged [ & probable] behavior ? Please, U.S.A. , boycott these despicicable violations of our Constitutional rights. I know they are attractive actors. But would you want this situ to be you or yours? P.S. The U.S.M.C. which I am personally familiar with, Does not have the “Supermen” portrated by agent Gibbs.He is shown as a person that NO human could ever overpower , nor ever be smarter than. Please, If so , where was he during the hunt for Saddam or Bin laden ? Final note, his legs are the size of a freshmen girl soccer player. One leg sweep & he’d be crying for mommy. Realmarine.

If the new member is Que, who is realmarine?

Well, at least you’re in the right forum. But I’ll be damned if I can figure out what you’re talking about. Want to try again, slower?

Are you watching the same NCIS I watch?

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What bugs me is how the court appointed defender is some young, tireless hot shot genius lawyer who will stubbornly risk contempt charges fighting the judge over their client’s rights, etc. LOL. If all you’ve got on your side is a public defender, you’re probably screwed.

I appologize if i"m in the wrong forum. However, theses shows do egrandise a complete lack of due process.I also replied to a great thread about 3-phase power.Maybe I should stick with what I know.I’ve only lived under our Constitution,Bill of rights & am a big fan of the Federalist papers. Oops. Musicat [ NO disrespect meant] , Is that slow enough ? Best wishes to all, realmarine

LevD, in our current 1/3rd of the 3 parts of our Gov’t, Yes you probably are screwed. When the executive branch can override all three, we are all screwed. realmarine

There was a story in our local news recently about how some guy was going to trial, two years after he had allegedly committed the crime. That wouldn’t really make compelling drama, would it?

Do you mean “query?” Or maybe “question?”

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Yea, I think a lot of stuff is just to compress the story to something watchable. Having the heroes stop and go apply for warrants and wait a week to get them approved and then go follow up on a clue would be realistic, but really boring TV.

As long as actual cops and juries aren’t taking their queues from TV shows, I don’t think there’s really any harm in it. The OP reads like he thinks a fictional depiction of a violation of Constitutional Rights are, themselves, unconstitutional.

(that said, my pet peeve in cop procedurals is that the criminal almost always confesses immediately when confronted by some piece of evidence, even when its pretty easy to see how the evidence could be explained away to a jury. But since (with the exception of Law and Order) most shows just show the police part of the justice system, a quick confession is necessary to make it clear that the good-guys got the right person).


What’s your opinion of Duck Dynasty?

Repeat to yourself; “These are just TV shows” and I think you’ll sleep easier. You might as well complain about the traffic violations in Grand Theft Auto.

Gibbs Envy? Really? Perhaps a new show is in order here: Law And Order: FC(Fictional Characters). :dubious:

On the theory this is about TV shows, I’m moving it to Cafe Society. From IMHO.

Welcome, realmarine!

What next-an angry missive from an Air Traffic Control worker complaining about the numerous offenses committed by Superman?

I’m not really sure if this is the point of this thread, but the public’s gung ho support of blatant rights violations (in general, not just on TV, though that’s a symptom) is pretty depressing. Pretty much the entire Bill of Rights and most of the constitution is negotiable when dealing with “a bad guy”. Torture, illegal searches, evidence tampering, vigilantism, quartering soldiers, it doesn’t matter, so long as the guy “had it coming”.

I started to get an inkling of this problem when the movie “Boondock Saints” came out, and everyone loved it. Not like “that’s a good movie” but more like “I wish that was real life”. Really?? It seems like a big part of Batman’s appeal too.

You do realize those show are not real, don’t you? Nobody’s rights are being violated, they are just acting. No boycott is needed as there is no there there.

Get a grip dude.

He misspelled the word “portrayed”.

I have no idea what the made up word you used is supposed to mean.

Although there seems to be an idea online, and particularly on this board, that the purpose of entertainment media is to accurately represent the real world, in fact, the purpose of entertainment is to entertain, sometimes by allowing people to engage in fantasies about what the world would be like if it were more exciting and more fun. In the real world, most of us know that in order to have a just society, we have to have to provide criminal defendants with civil rights. We also know that this means that sometimes the bad guys really will get away with it. So we fantasize about a world in which we could just get the bad guys without worrying about all of those pesky rights, a world in which a Marine can be all-powerful, all-knowing and win every fight. It’s a fun and entertaining fantasy, and the fact that we enjoy it doesn’t mean that we think that’s the way the real world operates.

I can’t really tell if this is about TV or politics. Both?

Gibbs and Ziva are basically super heroes? You’ll have to deal with that as it’s a basic premise of the show, and the show’s creators have nothing to apologize for.

OTOH, you aren’t going to see women being abused and/or raped without repercussions. Basically, your character is as good as dead. There’s no law that says that has to happen, but it’s a strongly enforced “rule” anyway.

Nowadays we depict cops - the good guy stars of the show - yanking suspects off the street or from their workplace etc, being humiliated, threatened, terrorized and physically abused and then the suspect is innocent. No apology, no repercussions for the good guys. Is that the message we should be sending, like violence against women?