New Moby and new Weezer in one day? All right!

Anyone get either the new Weezer CD, or Moby’s new one? I’m picking them up at lunch in a couple, so I’ll add my thoughts then. :slight_smile:

No, but I do know that Weezer rocks the house. I saw them live a couple of years ago and they kicked it for real.

Lol now there’s a concise review. :smiley:

The new Weezer CD sounds pretty good indeed. Not as catchy as The Green Album, but hopefully that’ll give it a bit more long-lasting interest for me.

Moby’s new one is pretty cool too. It’s not grabbing me like Play did, but it’s groovy so far.

I bought the new album at 12:01 am. The whole thing didn’t grab me right away like Green did, but Pinkerton took some time too. The guitar work in this one more than makes up for some of the simplistic and at times ridiculous lyrics (“cheese smells so good on a burnt piece of lamb” from Dope Nose comes to mind).

Run, do not walk, to get this album.
What we should be discussing is this beard Rivers has going on. What a sad, sad mistake. Someone should really hold him down and shave him. Ugh.

I bought the two earlier this evening, and am just listening to 18 now. I’ll post my opinions (from work) tomorrow.

As if anyone would care.