New Motorola Xoom

I just got a Wi-Fi only Motorola Xoom for my birthday.

Now what?

Any benefits to rooting it? Tips, Tricks, cool apps, must-have apps?

Pile on!

In market, check out the apps optimized for tablets. Google Sky Maps scales really well as do the various Angry Birds. Dungeon Defenders, Air Attack HD, Robo Defense HD, and Tank Hero are fun.

For must-have apps, I include Dropbox, KeePass Password Safe, Chrome to Phone (if you use the Chrome browser). I also really like Amazon MP3 with its free MP3 of the day. If your work uses Google Apps for Business, then there is a new app to do directory look-ups and is really handy.

Not sure if it is enabled by default, but the browser has a cool context menu that you get when you touch the left or right of the screen. If it is not enabled, turn it on in the settings section. It is very convenient.