New name, same Dope(r)

I was yojimboguy.

I am Boyo Jim.

My reasons for changing are here.

Please, call me Boyo for short. Sounds youthful and Irish-y.

I expect the reorg will result in an unchanged quality of posts, with fewer product recognition issues.

Yay !! for you, Boyo. Congratulations. I like it !! :smiley:

So we can’t call you Boy or Jim or BJ?

No fair! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Boyo. I was following the yojimbo(guy) thread a couple of days ago. You’ve made a good choice but I sure didn’t think of that BJ thing… hmmmm.


Hey Boyo. Should I still call you Jim in person?

Way to go Boyo! Good choice.

nah boyo is waaaaaaaaaay more welsh than irish!

It was a [art of a plan. A plan so cunning, you could brush your teeth with it.


Give us a song from the valleys :smiley:

So let me get this straight: yojimboguy, who isn’t Irish, changes his name to sound more Irish-y, while yojimbo, who is Irish, settles for sounding Japanese?

My head is spinning.

Nope it’s worse than that. yojimboguy who is American but just got Irish citizenship due to his late father (If I remember correctly) changes his name to make him sound Irish/Welsh and you’re correct about my description :slight_smile:

Ah, so he is Irish, but not really, so he changes his screen name to one that sounds Irish, but is really Welsh. Makes perfect sense now!

Just don’t try to tell me your name isn’t really Jim, 'cos that would be much too confusing. :slight_smile:

O boy o boy o boy

Hmmm. I gotta think about this.

Boyo Jim sounds perilously close to something Bones would say to Captain Kirk.

Oh, okay. So it’s a good name. You’re a gent to have changed it.


And what makes this even weirder to me, is that yojimbo sounds freakin’ JAPANESE to me!

And apparently that didn’t even enter into the equation.

Good name to settle on. I think it will lessen the identity crises.

You may, should our paths cross again. :slight_smile:

And damn, I hadn’t thought about BJ as initials, but if called upon I will be the best damn BJ I can be! :stuck_out_tongue:

I had enough trouble remembering when CKDextHavn became C K Dexter Haven. This is all just too much.

NEVER changing my SN. I doubt I’d remember it …

Uncle Beer: oboy! :smiley:

Boyo: Good choice. Now, all we need is a coal mine and the creep of industrialism.

How High Was My Postcount, an SDMB Production, Directed by Uncle Smithee.

Ok I won’t.

yojimbo(Peter) :slight_smile:

Tyn cymraeg.