Yojimboguy to Yojimbo (and anyone else): time for a new Member name?

Ok, I’m tired of making corrections about who’s posted what. I’'ve lost count of the posts I’ve made where I say, "No, I am yojimboguy. Yojimbo is a different member."

I see that yojimbo has had to makesimilar corrections. Yojimbo is the senior member, both in time and post count. Therefore, as a fair-minded sort, it seems incumbent upon me to make any necessary changes.

If you come across this thread, yojimbo, I’d like to know whether you find this identity issue troublesome. I feel some connection with you. I’ve never been to Ireland, but I’m an Irish citizen. I find your wit and posting style similar to my own, which probably exacerbates the confusion of others.

I’d also appreciate suggestions for a new name. I don’t want to make a drastic change. Some of my friends have called me Jimbo or Yojimbo in RL, I’ve had a “yojimboguy” email address at one ISP or another for 5 or 6 years now.

I want to, as much as possible, preserve my “Jim-ness”; even my “Yo-ness” and my “Bo-ness”. And I don’t want to be lost in a sea of Jims.

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You could follow the Welsh lead, and call yourself “Boyo Jim.”

I can understand your concern, as I share the Board with (among others) TWDuke, the_duke_69, heyduke lives!, Dooku, and Dukie.

I second Boyo Jim.

Make sure that whatever it is, it doesn’t look too much like Dread Pirate Jimbo.

How about jo-yimbo?

Sorry. Can I change it to TWJimbo?


Yo Jimbo!, perhaps?

Yojumboguy? That’s distinctive!

I Mojo By.

Atomic Badger Racing!

Or Elastic Moral Standards

Oh, you wanted jim-ness and bo-ness

how about BoJimminy?

D’oh, I still got the two of you confused. :smack:

By Og, J, I’m You!


Though I can quite clearly distinguish between you two (especially because I know yojimbo IRL), I have noticed the corrections being made occasionally.

This is very noble of you.

Some of these suggestions are getting a wee bit close to jjimm for my liking (and I commend jjtm for changing his name to Troy McLure SFO to avoid the same confusion).

I like the Boyo Jim suggestion, too.

It only bothered me when you first registered as I thought you may be taking the piss. You clearly were not a troll so I let it go.

While I’ve had to do the whole it’s me or it’s not me a few times I don’t really have a problem with it as I know who I am and who you are. Other people seem to be confused by it however.

I’ve used yojimbo for a long time now. It was my Quake 1 handle and I use it were ever I can.

So in conclusion if you want to change that’s cool but it’s also cool if you want to stay the way you are.

Get you’re arse over here sometime and we can go around calling each other the same name and confuse real people in real pubs :slight_smile:


Yeah, but then the Yojis will be confused too… :stuck_out_tongue:

How about using spaces and punctuation to alter yojimboguy to something with a more distinct short form? Like Yoji M. Boguy?


Mo’ Jimboguy?