New Nathan Fillion Movie (also Michelle Monaghan)

I know there are some Fillion fans around here so I though I’d spread the word about a new movie of his that’s opening this coming weekend in a few locations. If it does well opening weekend it’ll get a wider release so if you know anyone in these areas let them know they need to go see it.

The movie is called Trucker and stars Michelle Monaghan, about a truck driver who abandons her husband and newborn baby and lives a solitary, life driving trucks, getting drunk and sleeping with strangers. Suddenly her life is thrown in to chaos when her son, now 7, turns up on her doorstep because his father is dying of cancer.

Details here

I saw a billboard advertising Snickers bars that used the same design as the package but with “Snickers” replaced with “Fillionaire.” It took me a while to figure out they were playing on the hunger-satisfying aspect of a Snickers bar and Captain Tightpants wasn’t making a dime off it.