New, new, new, old.

New job-with an 8% raise, bennies, and paid sick/personal/vacation days.

New PC-866, 40G HD, 12x DVD, 4x/8x/32x CD-RW, 128M RAM.

New cable modem-So I can actually download mIRC and other cool junk.

Old floors-hardwood, which I have to go mop now.

But thought I’d check in with some good news.

Right on Flypsyde,

I take it with the speed of your new PC, you’ll be able to post twice as often now?

Flyp, sweet! So when am I getting my beer?

Congrats, Flyp!

Now with all that extra money you can afford to come back up to Chicago and hang out, right? Or else you can just buy me a present and mail it to me. I’m flexible. :slight_smile:

duck, duck, duck, goose

< grin >

I couldn’t resist.