New NFL playoff overtime rules

REALLY glad to see this change, and frankly I don’t think it should be limited to the playoffs. I hate seeing a team win the toss, kick a field goal and go home. The change in a nutshell goes like this:

The team that wins the toss gets the ball. If they score a touchdown, game over they win. If they kick a field goal, the other team gets the ball. If the other team scores a touchdown, game over they win. If they fail to score, they lose. If they kick a field goal, the first team gets the ball back and we go back to standard sudden death rules.

Excellent move by the NFL, and this is one reason why it is such a great sport - they aren’t afraid to tweak their core rules to improve the product. Unlike, say baseball (which I still love, dammit), which is so beholden to tradition that they cling to it despite its glaring flaws.

ETA: Crap I screwed up the title. I meant to say “New NFL playoff overtime rules”. Hopefully a helpful mod will fix this :slight_smile:

Good. Maybe eventually they’ll get to a real overtime. That is: Play an extra quarter. Still tied? play an extra quarter…

This is what I was hoping they would do, except revert to sudden death after one extended period rather than continuing to add time…

What happens if the team that wins the toss fails to score, and the other team scores a FG on their first possession?

I don’t think the rule needed changing, I don’t think this was a good change, and I don’t like having different rules for the playoffs.

Yeah, or how about if there’s a safety? Does the other team get a chance to get a safety too?

It didn’t say what happens on a safety, I would assume the team who gets the 2 points from the safety would win. If the first team fails to score & the other team scores an FG, the other team wins.

The idea behind the rule is that if you get the ball first, then the onus is on you to take care of business, score a touchdown and win the game. If you can’t even muster a field goal, and can’t prevent the other team from kicking a field goal, you deserve to lose. I agree with those sentiments. I do agree that having a different system in the playoffs is kinda lame, which is why I think it should be a global change. I think the current sudden death system, however, stinks.

Terrible change. Of course, we can’t really say for sure, as the NFL doesn’t let anyone see their rules. But what happens if the first team kicks a FG, and then recovers an onside kick? Is that ok? And it doesn’t guarantee the second team a full possession: The clock will still end the game at 15 minutes. Unless the FIRST team is still in possession. What happens if the defense intercepts, but then fumbles? Is that a possession?

Very ambiguous.

I was thinking about that too, WRT it being only in the playoffs. What about teams that NEED to win their last game to even get INTO the playoffs?

I do think it’s a good change, but it should apply to all games - not just playoffs. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but it was something like 70% of the coin toss winners ended up winning the game. That tell’s me that there’s something wrong with OT and should be addressed.

If the game is tied at the end of regulation, it pretty much just comes down to a coinflip the way the current rules are.

Says who? Not only do they let you see them, they let you buy them:

I had honestly never thought of looking for them as a book. I was always looking to buy a PDF. Thanks.

Of course, they still don’t have the 2010 rule change text out there, that I’m aware of.

But that REALLY helps. Thank you so much.

I do think the rule needed changing, I don’t think this was a good change, and I don’t like having different rules for the playoffs. :slight_smile:

I would imagine that recovering an onside kick after a FG just wins the game, and that if the defense intercepts and then fumbles that is considered a possession for them, but who knows.

And, that book is not available from the official NFL store. Seems like it should be.

I’m not really bothered by your other issues, which seem like extreme edge cases, but this is one I didn’t think about. I would assume that would mean a win, but I dunno.

My NFL OT rule, if they had to change it: First to lead by 4 points wins. If the lead is less than 4 at the end of 15 minutes, the score at that point stands. If it’s still tied, continue on with the same rules: A 4 point lead ends the game, otherwise, play on till the end of an OT period.

We already had different rules for the playoffs.

You’re welcome. I was such a football nerd as a kid, I bought the rulebook. Every year. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that is strange.

Teams are not guaranteed a possession, just the opportunity for a possession. So a field goal/onside kick combination would seem to end the game. Some clarification

It’s in the sidebar to this article on

The Chicago Sun-Times had some moderately amusing thoughts on the overtime rules today.,nfl-overtime-rules-23.article

This article is the set up, from there go,nfl-overtime-rules-23.article#

I kind of like the “Win by 4” thought, though maybe they should allow a safety to end the game as well since safeties are fairly rare and kind of awesome to get.

Then again the team that generates a safety gets the ball back as well as 2 points, but how lame would that be to get one and then lose by a TD?