New OBL tape...Change your mind?

There is an apparent new tape from our old friend Osamma bin Laden. If he admits an alliance with Iraq, would that make you more likely to support a US led attack on Saddam?

He claimed solidarity with the Iraqi people, while calling on them to oust Saddam.


You sound like the newscasters on Fox News.

Osama basically says he wishes the best of luck to Iraq and asks anyone who can support the war effort to do so. This isn’t a surprise. Osama Bin Laden isn’t our biggest fan. He’s especially not a huge fan when we attack Arab countries. That’d he’d publically encourage Iraq to resist us is not in the least surprising.

Can someone tell me HOW the hell this points to some Iraq-Al Queda alliance? Are we supposed to believe that they’ve been collaborating all along because Osama wishes someone good luck in fighting us?

I mean, just look at this rationally.

We are supposed to believe that Osama wishes Iraq to resist because he’s:

A) Hateful towards the United States
B) Wants to inflict harm on us
C) Wishes anyone who he sees as our victims to resist
D) Especially sees this as US attacks on a part of the Muslim world


E) He’s been plotting with Saddam all along to develop toddler killing strains of nuclear anthrax

Sure, all 5 are a possibility, but people seem to be saying that now that he called on the Iraqi people to resist us, that it MUST be E. As if A-D weren’t real reasons he’d behave the way he did. It MUST be some secret, nefarious alliance.

Elvis pretty much nailed to a wall and stuck a fork in it.

The government and media are so desperate to grasp at straws to find some sort of Al Queda-Iraq link that they’re manufacturing one out of nothing. Osama would’ve said the same thing to any country that the US “picks on” - especially any other muslim country.

But the media (even my friend said NPR basically said there was an alliance) is stretching all logic to insist that, in this case, for some reason, since Osama encouraged resistance to the US, it must mean there’s some nefarious alliance.

This is just blatant propoganda. Usually they’re more subtle - this is just in your face, illogical, unsubtle propoganda. We might as well make ww2 style propoganda posters.

As an enemy of humanity, a rabid pinko, a suspected philatelist, and a probable kicker of nuns and puppies, I would like to express my solidarity with newcrasher, and wish him the best of luck in this thread. We stand together in this matter.

See how it works? It’s the old ‘let’s you and him fight’ tactic. I haven’t fallen for that one since grade school, and it was embarrassing then.

This is not known for sure. Something happened with Beagle’s link in the other thread.

If it’s him, and the mofo is still alive, then he’s just pulled the chain on his Iraqi ‘brothers’. The fact that he even mentioned them gives credence to allegations of collusion. What a dickwad.

Excuse the multiple posts, I’m just exasperated with the media response to this. You’d think Osama said “Yeah, I met with Saddam last weekend, and he personally handed over vials of anthrax” or something, when he just said something perfectly ordinary, that doesn’t even remotely suggest some sort of special link with Iraq - unless I’m missing something from the speech.

It’s just… frustrating. You look back at 1930s and 1940s style propoganda posters, and they strike us as ridiculous. You think “How could people have possibly been influenced by that? Ridiculous. Do these people think for themselves at all?”

And here I am, witnessesing the same damn thing, and everyone seems to be “falling for it” as much as anyone fell for any simplistic propoganda poster. And there’s nothing I can do about it.

I just heard them say the same thing on CNBC - expresses solidarity with the Muslim people and calls for the ouster of Saddam.

— Osama would’ve said the same thing to any country that the US “picks on”—

And did. Re: Somalia

Of course, he ALSO claimed to have sent Al Queda soldiers to fight the U.S. there.


Not saying it’s BS, but what the heck happened with the MSNBC article from Beagle’s post?

Here’s betting you won’t hear much more about Osama wanting Hussein gone. Feel lucky you heard it when you did.

Agreed, Bordelond

Our system is even faster than pneumatic tubes built into the walls that carry messages off to the incinerator.

We have corroboration. The speaker on the tape, in fact, does not favor Hussein.

Ah … we spoke too soon! Osama-hates-Saddam is spreading across the Web. MSNBC can’t put the lid back on now.

Boy, some translator/stringer/cub reporter somewhere is cleaning his or her desk out right about now.
… of course, there is the possibility that the speaker on the tape is throwing out a red herring. Should this tape be regarded as authoritative?

No, but… the fact that it was initially trumpeted as a “See! A link!” sort of deal from the very start should tell us something.

Now it has a new twist, though. From in Australia:

Here is a page on the bbc news site discussing the alleged connections between Osama Bin Laden and Iraq, and specifically the Iraqi government.

Interesting reading.

Here’s an idea: let’s blow Saddam to smithereens, then invite Osama to join the reconstruction effort. When he shows up, slap the cuffs on him! (Or shoot him in the brain. Whatever.)