New Olympic sports you'd like to see

With snowboarding being a winter Olympics sport, skateboarding should be added to the summer.

The North American Pro Sport Quadrathlon

Set up a baseball stadium with a half hockey rink, an NFL goalpost, and half a basketball court all in the outfield.

Contestants compete in timed event. First they step in the batter’s box vs. a pitching machine, must bat until they get a home run. Then they strap on ice skates and must hit five slapshots in a row from the red line into the goal. Then they have to kick a 30 yard field goal off a tee. Then they wrap it up with making a half court shot in basketball. Lowest total time wins.

Bass Fishin’

The Long Walk

Shooting from a zipline! In winter, the biathletes could shoot from the gondola or chairlift. Just pull the safety brake, and let them zoom!

Snowboard Cross or Ski Cross where you are ***allowed ***to knock over your opponents.

Or combine downhill skiing with skeet or sporting clays. I call it Skeet! Skeet! Skeet!

50 Meter Dizzy Bat.

Now, what would Centaurs do in the Olympics?


I would definitely watch Olympic Disc Golf.

Great drinking game…every time you see someone taking frisbee entirely too seriously…DRINK!

43-man Squamish.

Skeet surfin’, perhaps?

Golf and baseball should be in the Olympics. It’s kind of stupid that they’re not, really.

All sorts of winter sailing disciplines would have high speeds and the occasional wipe out to appeal to the American market.

Ice windsurfing. Imagine a large skateboard with ice skate blades instead of wheels. Attach a windsurfing sail.

DN iceboating. - Single handed.
Nite iceboating - Double crewed.

And for good measure, bring back the old A-boats. - Multiple crew members and speeds can top 100mph.

It would require a sizeable smoothly frozen lake mostly free of snow.

Golf’s back in 2016 - open to pro golfers.

They only just dropped baseball/softball, and they just added golf.

What I want to see is a multi-sport event spread over the full two weeks that incorporates as many individual Olympic sports as possible. The decathalon is nice but limited to track and field, and the modern pentathalon is the right kind of diversity but it’s not enough events.

Jai Alai.

Apparently Cannon Shooting was an entire category of events at the 1900 Summer Olympics. I have no idea what kind of events these were and haven’t been able to find information about them in any detail, but it sounds like it could be amazing.


Lol… my brothers and I invented BaSorockey. Growing up we had a basketball net in our driveway and we would play with a soccer ball and a hockey stick. You could score with your foot, hands, or the hockey stick. Kicking, dribbling, stick handling were all allowed. Good times!

High Wire/Tightrope I’m not sure if props should be allowed, but most people will want to see tricks done on that little bike.

Trapeze: Ice skating, diving and snowboarding is full of aerial tricks so this should be a natural. It’s no weirder then the uneven bars.

Chariot racing: It’s time to bring this one back.

That thing where you put coins on your forearm and try to catch them: Well, curling got in…

Snowball fight: This would be the most fun. Each team is given 15 minutes to construct a fort then have at it.

I’m a little confused. The video mentions walking. Isn’t that still an Olympic sport or is that somehow different from race walking?

Head to head luge and bobsled. Send them both down at the same time. Same with alpine skiing.

And I can watch golf 52 weekends of the year. Why would I want to watch more of it at the Olympics?

I’d like to introduce a whole category of pub and related events:


The pub pentathlon!

Let’s add four-square to the summer Olympics. Too bad Dumont is getting a bit old to compete. :slight_smile: