New Olympic sports you'd like to see

As the Olympics wind down it’s time to think about what events you would like to see included in the next version.
You’re idea is probably not two bizarre after watching this video of sports that used to be in the Olympics.

After practicing 4 times in 5 days, I think I’d be a contender for the Snow Shoveling team.

What do you want to see included, either serious or fun?

I sort of remember the ski ballet. I vote for that.

Western Martial Arts, live steel (rebated) with real medieval replica armor.

Marathon boinking.

Imagine the ratings. :smiley:

Roller skating. Speed and figure roller skating is a Pan American Games sport, it should be in the Olympics.

Golf. Golf would be an awesome Olympic sport.


I’ve been getting bored swimming laps in the pool lately, so I’ve taken to treading water in the deep end for long periods. Since I’m really fat, I float like a goddamn bouy. I mean seriously, it’s like I’m standing up out there.

Anyway, Olympic water treading would be awesome just because the fattest people will win!

Ever since I saw the Snowboard Cross, where six people race down the mountain at once, smacking into each other as they go, I’ve wanted them to stage the figure skating events with all the competitors in the rink at one time.

Tug of War used to be in the Olympics. They need to bring it back.
Britain defeats Sweden

It’s a travesty that netball is not an Olympic sport. It also ought to be played in mixed sex teams.


Totally agree about Parkour. I was just thinking about that earlier today, but I was wondering if there is an international parkour authority, and actual competitions.

I would like to see a peeing for distance contest (mixed sex). I am pretty sure I could take at least a bronze in that one. If you wanted to make it more elegant, you could make it a winter Olympics sport and give style points for rough sketches in the snow.

How soon before the first diuretic scandal hits? :smiley:

Eh, there’s already enough boinking going on in the Olympic Village without televising it.

My suggestions:

Flag football, dodgeball, wall climbing.

Olympic Drinking.

Hide and seek. You can probably find Monty Python’s version on Youtube. :slight_smile:

I want them to do short-track speedskating in a figure-8. Not for there to be collisions at the crossover (if anyone gets that far behind, they’re pretty much out of it already), but to make it a better sport. Competitors would have to have the skill, muscles, and equipment to turn both directions, the straights would be longer, and the leader couldn’t hug the inside line and force anyone to pass him on the outside.