New Palestinian Poll


The above link leads to a poll showing that 51% of the Palestinians are for the liberation of “historic Palestine”. I know opinion polls aren’t the be all and end all of public opinion, but politicians put a lot of faith in them. How do you think Arafat and Sharon will view this?


Not again!

Didn’t we just have this debate here?

I do say that this is turning rather into the one sided forum.


Why, yes, you’re absolutely right, Sparc, and while I’m here, I’ll point out that we’ve already discussed Life, Death, God, Evil, Abortion, Gun Control, Drugs, SUVs, Gore/Bush, Bush/Clinton, Monica/Clinton, Britney, Christina, and Enterprise vs. Star Destroyer, so of course there’s no need to start any more threads on those topics, ever again. :smiley:

'Sides, the other thread is about “Palestinians”. This thread is about “How Arafat and Sharon will respond to this new poll”.

My opinion is that neither of them will give a rat’s derriere, but will go right on to do whatever it was they were intending to do.

Arafat will deny the accuracy of the poll and Sharon will view it as nothing he didn’t already know.